Twas the night before Christmas.....

Happy Christmas Eve!

So it's almost here, I braved the supermarket and was vexed by an annoying man who drove round the car park the WRONG way and kindly drove into a space that I was about to go in - having driven the CORRECT way round the car park to get to it. Grrrr. I've a bruise on my leg from someones trolley, fortunately my bottom has more padding as I was rear ended by a trolley too (oh the innuendo!) I also got kettled by shop staff, stock cages and other shoppers with their trolleys. Believe me, being held captive next to the fresh cream is not as fun as it sounds......

That's my little rant over, something more fun and more interesting are vintage adverts, I just love looking at these and judging from your reactions, you do to. So here's some seasonal gems.

May be I have a rude sense of humour but this really makes me chuckle.....  

Let's hope he got everything he asked for or someone could be in trouble....

Christmas arguments over the remote control could be dangerous.

Perfect women hoover on Christmas day, don't you know...

He looks happy!

He looks scary! 

Merry Christmas to you all, I'd just like to say a big huge thank you to everyone who's  read my blog over the last year. Have a happy and safe Christmas!!



  1. Fascinating, guns for xmas?! Maybe that seems not unusual outside the UK? These adverts really show how times have changed.

  2. Santa with a ciggy and a gun. And why not...errrm...? Great adverts!


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