Storm in a D cup

This should really be titled Storm in a double D cup as sadly this is as far as the cup sizes go, however for those of you that aren't ruled out by this cuppage issue (and of course there are always the knickers ) I wondered if you'd seen a range of lingerie designed by Paloma Faith for La Senza?

It's a small range of 1940's inspired lingerie, Paloma is a big fan of the this era and is often seen sporting some of the best victory rolls in town. The collection has been designed to raise money for the charity Breast Cancer Care - and I have to say the the collection may be small but La Senza's pledge to donate £3 for every bra and every teddy sold and £1 for every pair of knickers is no small contribution at all. So well done to La Senza.

Available in just two colours - black and emerald green, if you love these designs you could essentially build yourself a glamourous 1940's capsule lingerie collection.

Also available in black £30


La Senza  currently have 30% off this range so there's good savings to be had off the full prices I've listed here for you!

If you're looking to combine gorgeous with practical - bows are pretty but sometimes lumps and bumps and extra material is exactly what you don't want under that party dress, then there are some good solutions out there that won't make you feel like you're trapped in an elastic tubigrip...... Remember the big v's small knicker debate in Bridget Jones?

Hmmm - hello Mummy indeed.............. can practical underwear still be glam? I think so.........

Simply Be always have a good selection including a  range by the fabulous Mr Gok Wan.

Gok Wan Shape Me Slip £50

Gok Wan sleek bodyshaper £50
Miss Mary of Sweden Lady Mary Corselet £58  (You may recall your gran wearing this range - could a new generation embrace it to become vintage inspired hotties one wonders?)

What Katy Did have amazing lingerie that is vintage/retro inspired. It's the ultimate in glamour.

glamour corselette £65
Glamour girdle £39.50

A little hotter than the Bridget Jones knickers I think you'll agree?



  1. Ack. I was not a fan of the Paloma stuff - on account of the size issue. Bugs the bejeeeesus out of me.

    I love the shape wear idea - but I find them incredibly impractical when visiting the ladies. I favour Primark short type things for £6 a pop. However - that said - i DO love all of the above!

  2. Pretty. My mom always believed a lady wears matching undies - monogramed, of course. She believed it was a woman's secret weapon because nothing gives you confidence as knowing you are dressed well all the way down to your skin.

  3. I really wanted to get some of the Paloma Faith underwear but I just miss out on the size of the cups - gutting!

  4. I find the lack of adjustable shoulders irritating in 'pretty' bras...no good if they are always slipping off (too long) and no way to make them shorter. Plus of course those cups would floweth over with me!!

  5. I do like nice undies, but that first teddy affair does look like one would need very gravity defying bosoms to look good! The bras are pretty though, assuming you're wearing something loose over the top. Corselets are certainly more appealing than flesh coloured spanx!

  6. O,some gorgeous goodies for our goodies here!I really love What Katy Did,but simply can't afford it,with the exchange rate,from over here!
    My cup size rules me out for most pretty bras,and it never ceases to amaze me that those who need a bra the least get the best choices!
    Love Paloma's hair!Not a big fan of her music,but her style is fabulous!

  7. Oooo bit gorgeous! Lovely to find you here!

    Pop over to say hello if you have the time...


  8. Just found your blog, and wanted to say hello!
    Miss K

  9. LOVE What Katy Did!! Great post, I love lingerie (vintage, of course)

  10. What pretties! What a shame the Paloma Faith stuff isn't in larger bust sizes for women who actually need a bra. x

  11. I think Paloma is an utter doll, I also think that the La Senza donatons per item is great, shame they didn't offer this range at more than a double D cup - as I think it would have been really really popular with those of us who have a more generous bosom....

  12. Im ruled out but I do like her designs. Im not as keep on Goks especially the pink one as I think the ribbon around the hips isn't going to be giving a good shape. Ive just bought an Esbelt corset and it is my new best friend!


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