A 1940s Christmas

After visiting London's Imperial War Museum earlier this year, I'd promised myself I would try and get back to visit again before the new year and I'm happy to say - mission accomplished! There is currently an exhibition of a replica life size 1940's house, but it's leaving the museum in the new year so if you want to see it, you only have until January 2nd 2012!

If you missed my previous post about this exhibition then just to fill you in - the house is all set up like a real home, the lamps are on, clothes are on the bed, toiletries and cosmetics are laid out on the dressing table - it's all just wonderful. The items are from the 20's to the 40's, just as they would have been in a real family home.

You can read my previous post here. On this second visit I've tried to get pictures of the rooms I may not have captured last time and of course I've captured the rooms all ready for Christmas.

So starting with upstairs, here are some more pictures of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

The pictures in the bedroom were frame-less clip frames hanging from thin chain - could easily be recreated if you like the look (and cheaply too as you can pick these frames up cheap as chips)

I'm looking very serious in my victory rolls here, I just love these old mirrors.

Moving downstairs, and you do walk down the stairs, this is an amazing exhibition. It really does bring it all to life. It's not all behind glass, you truly step back in time and from both of my visits it clear to see that it's a huge hit with all age groups. What a perfect way to bring history to life for the Xbox generation?!

So what did Christmas decorations look like in the 1940's? *Warning* - you will want to make paper chains after seeing these pictures........................

Hope you're all starting to feel festive, I haven't even put the tree up yet! Eek! If you'd like to read my previous post about The Children's War exhibition and the 1940's house (with more pictures to make you ooo and ahhhh) then read it here.

For more details on the museum itself then just click here

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  1. LOVE this post! That bathroom is to die for.

  2. I really like the Imperial War Museum. I remember the 40s house, although it didn't have Xmas decs when I saw it. Thanks for the sharing the photos.

    You have a good one. xx

  3. Lovely post. I really like the paper Christmas decorations. Won't be able to make it to the exhibition so thanks for sharing :)

  4. It looks exactly like my great-grandma's house! I wish I could get to the exhibit in time but I don't think it's going to happen

    Also, I love old mirrors too! I plan on lining my stairway with them...when I get a house that is!

  5. So cool! I wish we had something like this near me!!

  6. I love the worn hallway floor and stair treads and the real Christmas stocking. Thanks for sharing, I would love to see this exhibit in the flesh.

    p.s. aren't the curtains gorgeous...

  7. Love this post, I've been writing a bit of a shopping list for some of these lovely things while reading, and thinking "I've got one of those" for other things (like the stone ware hot water bottle) X

  8. Lovely post, I really need to visit. xxx

  9. Anyone who can get there really should, before it's too late. Glad the pictures have given you all a flavour of it. I'd quite like to live there!


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