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 I'm often writing and tweeting that I've had meetings with fellow bloggers Gemma from Retro chick and Lucy from Glamourologist. The meetings often involve serious planning, sometimes tea, usually vino. Note pads and pens are always present. We all write for Vintage Norwich, but we have also come up with a brand new idea. So I'm pleased to present The Historical Sauces.

We all share a passion for history and glamour and we have a wealth of talents between so we decided that it made sense for us to join forces and share it with people. We are are ordinary girls (can we be girls as thirty somethings?) We love a bit of glamour everyday, but we all have busy lives so if we can find a shortcut to feeling and looking nice then believe me we will!

This week one of my work colleagues very kindly said I was 'naturally glamorous'. I can only assume that my cat flick eyeliner distracted from the fact that I had some how managed to get squashed banana on my pencil skirt............

This is what I mean by ordinary, we aren't saying we're perfect - we don't look like untouchable dolls, we look like girls who like make up, hair and having fun. You might find us in a pub drinking guinness one week talking about our favourite lipsticks and the next we might be sipping cocktails and talking about politics.

We all have a love of books and the idea of The Historical Sauces was partly inspired by the pop up library we took to an event at a screening of Breakfast at Tiffanny's ( If you missed that post, you can catch up by clicking here) Between us we have an ever growing collection of books on fashion history, hair and beauty, social history and local history.

Last weekend we set up a vintage reading room at The Little Vintage Lovers Fair held in a a stunning medieval building we have in Norwich called Dragon Hall. Working with the library theme we decided that it would be fun to sport a librarian look, and quite frankly we rocked it! I decided to put my hair up and went with a beehive!! We got many comments on our style and the feedback was really positive about the library.

Lucy and Gemma swooning over some 1950's magazines

We had complimentary sweets and cakes. Of course we taste tested these ourselves throughout the day....
The beehive

 It was a brilliant way for people to get inspiration and just rest their feet. Let's be honest if you pay to enter a fair you really want to get as much out of it as possible! We had all age groups in the reading room. The hair books were really popular, I'm sure there have been some practice sessions for new styles in a few homes this week.

We were on hand to chat and share tips and I would say the question I was asked most on the day was what product I use to style my hair when I opt for curls. When I replied good old fashioned setting lotion there were some surprised looks and also some trips down memory lane as people remembered their mums/nans having a set once a week.

So that's the new venture, we have lots of things planned so watch this space. We've just been interviewed by top blogger Lena of Style High Club who put together some brilliant questions which were really fun to answer. I think it gives a really good insight in who we are and what our aspirations are. Read the interview here.

You can also find The Historical Sauces on facebook and Twitter Do come over and say hello.


  1. Hi my dear-what a fabulous idea, a reading room is so excellent and you all look gorgeous too xx

  2. You all look gorgeous. Really great idea, best of luck with it.

    I once got banana on my ankle... x

  3. You all look fabulous! Scarlett x

  4. Thanks ladies, the reaction has been fab.I felt so very prim with my hair up like that!

  5. Lovely idea, and you suit your hair like that!

  6. Fab idea!!! I wish you lovely gals all the best with it!!


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