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Middle of the week again, we are half way to another weekend. Hooray! Hope you have some nice plans. I intend to sleep lots, drink some vino and relax. Well, try to. I don't find relaxing easy, I always feel there is something I should be doing, thinking, planning or worrying about. When I do sleep I have crazy dreams. I've always been a vivid dreamer but lately I keep dreaming about talking animals............. what can that possibly mean?........... Anyway, when I'm not doing all of the above I love getting lost in the wonderful world of the internet. So here are some things I've recently enjoyed.

First of all, if you enjoy Agatha Christie then I've just discovered an official information and community website - agathachristie.com  Here you will find all the latest news such as new programmes being commissioned and the history of the great lady herself. 

Retro Chick has been working her beret. One beret worn three ways

Tuppence Ha'penny  Vintage has written an interesting post on dating vintage clothes

Over at My friends call me Nelly there is a series of posts on vintage stars. This one includes a stunningly gorgeous lady I had never heard of - Gloria Mildred DeHaven, she may be one of the most beautiful women ever.

Glamourologist has written about the history of false lashes

The Fabulous Miss K has written and interesting post called Style over Beauty

Hair blog - Hair advice and all things nice has a DIY hair mask recipe

And finally, I appreciate that I'm not at all techy and that you may be reading something you have known for ages BUT did you know that you can read Kindle books on your computer? I didn't! Is this news to anyone else or am I that behind the times??? - Remember I'm the girls who doesn't yet own a smart phone....

Anyway, I discovered this when a dear friend sent me an email to say that his book was now available for the Kindle. How exciting is that?! Here follows a shameless plug for which I make no apologies - because this chap is an utter doll. Clever, interesting and witty.

Pete hand reared a baby otter for the 1979 film Tarka the Otter which was based on the novel of the same name by Henry Williamson, first published in 1927. The following is taken from the product description page on Amazon - 

Pete Talbot trained at the Otter Trust under naturalist Philip Wayre. He was invited by film producers David Cobham and Bill Travers to hand rear a baby otter called Spade for a leading roll in Tarka the Otter. As his otter grew, Pete took him to live in a magical old water mill in Hampshire – the home of wildlife film makers Ron and Rose Eastman.

In time, including Spade, they gathered a menagerie of five otters, a tame barn owl, a goose and a German shepherd dog. With others, they became a family traversing Southern England, from Norfolk to The West Country, with their exotic pets. Over two years living free with his otter, Peter encountered a diverse mix of other animals and their keepers.

His wonderful real-life experiences and gradual awakening to the magic of Henry Williamson's classic story are uniquely traced in this humorous and compelling adventure.

The book is available on kindle for just £3.21. Click here to visit the book on Amazon


  1. Gloria is stunning even now as an older lady.I dont often do stars that are still with us bit on occassions like this I make an exception.Of to check all the other links now xx

  2. Nice links, miss Missy, must do something on my blog to make myself worthy, LOL!! Ok I've had a few wines, can you tell?!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog now. Love this style of post with interesting tidbits to read.

    Will stop by again soon, hope you'll visit my blog sometime and follow me if you like it :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx



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