Historical Saucery at The Little Vintage Lover fair

 Hope you've all had a good weekend, I've had a busy but fun one. In case you missed a previous post about 'The Historical Sauces' I will just bring you up you speed (sorry to those of you who know exactly what a sauce is! Feel free to skip this bit.)

The Historical Sauces consist of myself, Gemma of Retro Chick and Lucy of Glamourologist. We've joined forces to work together providing a Pop Up Vintage Reading Room at events and to generally add a little 'how to' glamour to the world. We all like a good giggle whilst looking nice and we adore history. Having spent a few months working together on Gemma's other website Vintage Norwich, we realised that we really enjoyed working together and supporting each other with our writing/vintage activities so why not collaborate on something together. So The Historical Sauces were created.

Sunday saw us take the Vintage Pop Up Library to the Little Vintage Lover Fair at Sussex Barns, Burnham Market in Norfolk. We were very lucky that we were able to stay close by, in a lovely quaint little seaside town called Wells  Next The Sea. We had a lovely stroll through the streets which were bustling with Christmas spirit as the lights were being switched on.

 Father Christmas was coming  to town on a boat - which made me very excited but we decided to head to the pub and try and find some Christmassy beer instead! We're rich with some decent beer brewers in this part of the country including the well known Adnams, so we were hopeful we'd find something yummy. So we followed the brightest star (sort of...) and headed off to find a suitable drinking establishment.


Despite the Guinness glass this is actually half pint of Adnams Yuletide beer. Cocktail stirrer optional! We all decided it was very delicious. Lucy agreed....

As all good librarians should be, we were home by 8pm and eating fish and chips. By the end of the evening PJ's were the outfit of choice and it was pin curl city ready for the next day. Morning came and we were ready for action. Armed with our books and victory rolls we headed off to the fair. It was such a blustery day, on closing the garden gate one of my victory rolls got tangled up on a branch, but several seconds of trying to free myself didn't do too much harm - nothing that a kirby grip couldn't solve. The lesson there is - never be without spare kirby grips!

Set in a beautiful barn we used our pop up library to create a vintage reading room for people. After the brilliant success of a previous fair, we had high hopes this would be a popular feature again and it certainly was. We were on hand as always to chat about books and all things vintage. 


We've an ever growing collection of books and magazines. Fashion, social history, hair and beauty. We've cocktail books, cookery books and it's still growing, we're aiming to have something for everyone. We had a really fun day meeting and chatting to lots of people. We are very lucky to have some rather fabulous head wear that was created for us by designers Sugar and Hatter. We got many lovely comments on these during the day!

 Also in attendance making our feet tap was DJ78 who plays his tunes on 1930's wind up gramophones. Now I like old tunes, but I'm no expert but I've learnt a bit about 'shellac' now - which was used for discs  prior to vinyl. I was very grateful for the odd Christmas tune popped in. Especially Santa Baby which never fails to to make me think 'ooo I love this one'.

I rounded the day up with a glass of mulled wine. It's thirsty work being a librarian!

By the way have you entered The Historical Sauces giveaway yet? Get your entries in by December 7th 2011. To see what you can win and check the rules click here.


  1. Such a fun idea - and I love your mini mortarboards!

  2. This whole day looks amazing, and such fun.
    Can't beat a pint of Adnams. Yum.

  3. Good to see you are being sensible librarians. Especially staying hydrated- remember, if you get thirsty your fluid levels are already to low!

  4. Oh, how adorable do you look?!

  5. I adore this venture and I think it s FABALUSSSSS idea!!

    You gals look exactly like my pint of cider!

  6. Looks like you had a great time, and doing something so great too. Glad to hear you found your pre-vinyl 78s education interesting too. Welcome to the world of shellac! ;-)


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