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Missy Vintage is now one year old! I'm not sure if I should be celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, but I've opted for the latter. What an exciting and interesting year it's been. I still remember making the decision to stop thinking about writing a blog and just get on and do it. It's scary, I didn't really tell anyone I was writing at first.

I wasn't confident that anyone would actually want to read a single word I wrote. I took a big breath, threw my words out in to the scary world wide web and just hoped people wouldn't be mean to me! That's the honest truth. I can still remember hitting the 'publish' button on that first ever post and  nervously biting my lip.

I'm not a techy person, I still gasp when I have to send a fax at work because it all seems like a magic trick to me. My blog has been created with blood, sweat, tears, lots of hair pulling and countless bottles of vino. Gallons of vino! It's evolving, there are still things I want to change about how it looks - an interesting header for example is on my wish list but I've learned a lot and each time I work out how to add a bit of code, or change something I'm happy. Maybe next year I will really get with the times and get an iphone..... you never know!

My style has really evolved in the last 12 months. Writing about a subject really focuses the mind. I'm eclectic, I don't conform to one look or decade,  I'm not confused, I'm just doing my thing. If I want to wear a 40's style dress, with rockabilly style eyeliner then I will! Yes, I've had some negative remarks from people. I've been called a freak and had a stranger in the street ask  ''WTF are you wearing?' 
This is the dress in question....
 Personally, I think a polka dot dress complete with pussy bow is quite a peaceable creature of an outfit but the lady in the pink anorak didn't seem to think so....... I accept that I may be swimming against the 'mainstream' so I also accept that if I'm opting to look a little different from the 'norm' then I will get negative remarks as well as  positive ones - and the positives far out weigh the negatives. There will always be rude people in life, sad but true. I'm simply glad not to be one of them.

The last twelve months have also seen Missy Vintage become part of Vintage Norwich and form  The Historical Sauces with two very lovely fellow Norwich bloggers Gemma from Retro Chick and Lucy from Glamourologist, so for me blogging has actually changed life as I know it! A dramatic but completely true statement.

So thank you for reading, following, commenting, joining me on facebook, twitter and the emails etc. I've met so many lovely people along the way. I'm already wondering what next year will bring. If you are thinking of trying something new, may be writing or learning something then all I can say is good luck and have fun with it!



  1. Happy Blogaversary to you.Who cares what others think you go ahead be you lifes too short to worry about the boring people lol xx

  2. You, my liebe, are MORE than welcome! I love reading your blog and I please as punch that you took the plunge!

    "Yes, I've had some negative remarks from people. I've been called a freak and had a stranger in the street ask ''WTF are you wearing?" - SERIOUSLY??? That is beyond me. I am speechless. What is WRONG with people.

    You look fab - so BOO HOO to them!!

  3. Oooh, congratulations! My Retro Chick anniversary (though not of the blog) is on Monday, maybe we should celebrate, though I spent all my money in Paris, so maybe not!

  4. Some people are so awful when they make comments in the street. I once had someone shout at me across the road to tell me how awful I looked. That said, they are in the minority. They're just a loud, obnoxious minority. Keep being you!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday!! I'm yet to be yelled at in the street, each to their own and all that!
    I too think you look fab so 2 fingers to the haters :-)

  6. Hi my dear!! happy blog birthday, I certainly would wear your polka dot outfit over a pink anorak-what a cheek, huh!! xxx

  7. Happy blogaversary hun, well done! I'm with the awesome Land Girl on this, especially after the strange looks I was getting today in the coffee shop, so I got out my lovely vintage compact and fixed my make-up,as they obviously needed something glamarous to look at!!! X

  8. Happy blogging birthday to you! And what LandGirl said. ;)

  9. Oh, and thank you ever so much for your recent comments on my blog!

  10. Happy Birthday, Blog!
    Why on earth would anyone make a negative remark to you? Your style of dressing is classic and timeless. Someone people are very strange if they are threatened by a pretty girl in a pencil skirt.
    Back in the Eighties Boy George lived in my town and it was a common sight to see him walking up the high street in a silver tin foil doublet and hose with his terrier dressed in a Elizabethan ruff. That was odd. x

  11. Congratulations on a year of a lovely blog! I know what you mean about not telling anybody, still very few of my friends know about my blog - just a couple who blog themselves. I always enjoy reading yours, keep it up.

    Some people are very rude and peculiar. Fancy approaching a stranger on the street to comment negatively on what they're wearing. Surely the only acceptable approach on someone's clothes is a compliment? I suppose someone traditionally pretty like you should only be wearing 'normal' high street clothes to their tiny mind. Ignore ignore! x

  12. Following on from your story of the 'lady in the pink anorak', i have a similar story: Sitting in a nice looking pub with my husband a 'lady' (in the loosest sense) looking very much like a crack whore with a moustache took great offence to me for some reason.
    lady with moustache to male friend with briefcase:"Look at 'er, with 'er 'air all piled up on 'er 'ead!"
    Me: nothing
    Lady with moustache:" And 'er EYEBROWS are drawn on with a PENCIL!"
    (i should have mentioned she had a voice like a foghorn)
    Me: Nothing
    Lady with moustache: " I 'ate them freaks. I saw loads of them freaks in prison."
    Me: nothing
    What i should have said is " Is that a real moustache or is it drawn on with a PENCIL?" but i didn't think of it at the time.
    Besides, i think she might have stabbed me.

  13. i'm glad that there are those like you to model how we can be free to be ourselves- i love wearing what makes me feel good too!!


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