1930's cocktails and glamour

 Do I like getting dolled up to the nines? Yes. Do I like cocktails? Absolutely. Friday I stepped back in time with some full on glamour and a cocktail list to satisfy the needs of any 1930's faux socialite. This is the second cocktail party Retro Chick and Blue Skies Vintage Events have created. Yet again 'A Marvellous Cocktail Party' was a sell out, I bought my ticket as soon as it was announced. Having been to the first one I'd been eagerly awaiting another.

Operation glamour began about mid afternoon, starting with the hair. At the last event I pinned my hair into a faux bob, which went down really well with people so I decided to go with a bob again. I usually use Superdrug own brand of setting lotion, but I happened to pass a Boots so I popped in there and after several minutes of walking up and down the aisles and not finding it, I asked an assistant who informed me they don't do an own brand and that they only do one type and it's ''over by the tissues in the corner''.

Firstly I was suprised there isn't an own brand and secondly it was in such an obscure place that I'm not suprised I couldn't find it. So I bought a bottle of 'Stay Set' and I have to say, I wouldn't buy it again. It has a very strong smell when wet - really quite over powering, it was more expensive and not as good as the Superdrug brand. So lesson learned there. However, the out come was generally pretty good. I usually set my hair in rollers but this time I set my hair all in pin curls and the plan was for a finger wave at the front.....

I ended up with a wave, but it wasn't quite as wavy as I'd have liked but the pin curls came out fab. Faux bobs are really easy to do and it's a fun way to change your look. I will write a 'how to' blog post.  Maybe a video? Do you ever watch a video by a blogger and find it odd to hear their voice?! Anyway, I digress......... my bob is a bit shorter this time, I'm not sure I would want to have my hair cut into a bob again but I really really like this look so I might do it more often.

My dress is vintage style not authentic vintage. I spent many weeks looking for something vintage but couldn't quite find the look I was aspiring to. I wanted full on glam and a bright colour so I ended up buying something from the high street, which I rarely do these days. It was an absolute dream to wear, I can't wait to wear it again. My days of needing a different frock for every event are long gone. I have no issue at all being spotted in the same dress twice. So I will get a few wears out of it. Look out for me in Tesco's swooshing down the aisle!

There is no such thing as too much at these events because everyone really pulls out the stops to look fabulous. It's not a fancy dress event, it's an elegant soiree and the room just oozes glamour and glitz.

Dress from Debenhams

Why am I showing you my ear you may ask. Well because these earrings got so many comments on the night and they were an absolute bargain at just £3. I only got them from Primark on Friday, so if you are looking for some glitz for the xmas party season these could be ideal.

So, off to the party. Guests were greeted on arrival at the entrance and handed a programme of events for the evening which also included a cocktail list. These were so delicious that within 45 minutes I was on my third! I like to think I was elegantly sipping but if you were to put fellow guests on the stand as witnesses, they may say I was inhaling the cocktails rather than sipping..... so okay, I admit it- guilty as charged! Speaking of inhaling though, there was a complimentary snuff bar for guests to try, I'm really not familiar with snuff but this little pop up bar was most intriguing.

I've seen period dramas where gentlemen in fine tailoring take a pinch of snuff from a little tin, but this display was quite extraordinary. There were18 different types, including some non tobacco ones. It was very popular, girls with long nails were finding it difficult to sniff the snuff as shown in the instructions, so we resorted to using our nails as a mini scoop to dispense the snuff on to the back of our hands. We then sniffed our snuff and twitched our noses like little rabbits. It's odd stuff, not unpleasant, just odd. I don't think there was a moment all evening when someone wasn't trying it.

There were also complimentary chocolate cigarettes, which were used as fun props for photo's and then washed down with cocktails. Glamour levels were through the roof. There were floor length gowns, tassels, sequins and feathers a plenty.

Lucy from Glamourologist joins me with a chocolate ciggie

Karen and Graham from Blue Skies Vintage Events

Lucy with Gemma from Retro Chick

 Our DJ for the evening was Earl Harlem, who set the mood with 20's, 30's and 40's tunes. There was also live music in the form of a singer - Joseph Ballard and later a band - SwingBall. 

 Yet again I was unlucky with the Chinese auction. All the prizes are labeled with numbers and you pop your tickets in a numbered cocktail shaker that represents the prize or prizes you desire to win. There was a buzz of activity around the prizes as people browsed the goodies. I had my eye on the pearl necklace but sadly it didn't come home with me. For now I shall have to stick with my ever faithful Primark pearls.

It really was such a gorgeous night. Really good fun, the room was alive with chatter and dancing. Everyone was up for a good time and the atmosphere was amazing.

Of all the pictures I've ever taken, I think this one may be one of my faveourites. Ever. This is why I love candid photography.

I'm thrilled with the pictures, so I'd like say a big thank you to everyone there, you all looked so fantastic. It was a dream to photograph you all looking so gorgeous and happy! There are more pictures over on the Missy Vintage facebook page so feel free to pop over for a browse.

If you'd like to read about the last Marvellous Cocktail Party earlier this year then just click here


  1. Lovely pictures as ever and even happy with the ones of me :)

    It was a great night and they certainly know how to throw a party.

  2. This must have been such fun - you look so glamorous. I've been after some proper sparkly earrings for a while, will have to step over the threshold of Primark for once! I'd love to go to a 30s cocktail evening, maybe I'll have to recreate it at home.

  3. Looking fabulous as ever! I use Stay Set and I am now led to believe it is that concoction that gives grannies their overpowering lavender smell.

    Event looks amazing! Very jealous I can't make it to Norfolk to attend!

  4. You look fabulous from head to toe! :)

  5. You look fabulous, loving the frock and the earrings. x

  6. Lord, I'm crazy about your earings !!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun.


  7. You looked super! :)

    I used to buy boots setting lotion in my local 'chemist' boots, so I think they make it...whether they stock it is another matter. I find Boots sometimes have the most irritating stock policies - not stocking items which might be a low sell, erm why not just stock them in small quantities??

  8. Wow you look beautiful! What an amazing event! I would love to watch your tutorial as I took part in a 'Great Gatsby theatre piece as a musician and the thing that really detracted from my look was the bloomin awful hair- I'd like to recreate this look for World book day! And yes, I totally know what you mean about the voices!

  9. This eve looks AMAZING and I shall deffo be trying my bestest to make the next one!! You look KNOCK out in your red dress! Ava Gardner - eat your heart out!

    Re setting lotion - yes - Stay Set is VILE. I used to use it when I first got into this hair setting game - and the smell used to last for days! Superdrug is ok - but try your local "Saver" store (green sign with a tick as the V i think) - its by a company called Bristows - pink bottle - usually £1. I tend to buy 10 bottles at a time. They also tend to sell it in big multi product beauty stores. It is the only think I use, aside from my home made linseed stuff.

  10. You look gorgeous. Such a shame I couldn't find anyone to come along with this time - maybe next time! x


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