Movember - fantashtic!

Move over November, Movember is almost here. What does this mean? Well chaps, start preparing to step away from your razors. Movember is all about the face hair. Hoorah! As a gal who loves a bit of face growth (see above pic....) I'm happily rubbing my hands at the prospect of working in an office with a variety of facial hair growth that embraces the love for all colours, shapes and sizes.  I'm very much ready for the whiskerfest but fellas, are you?

So what's it all about? Sponsored face hair,that's what. Chaps you grow the 'mo and we will donate the dough.... So where does the money go? The money raised goes to programmes run by Movember and their  men’s health partners The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research.

To date Movember has globally raised over a  mahoosive (or should that be mohoosive?) £100 million for the fight against prostate cancer and depression in men. Pretty impressive for an initiative that began life in Melbourne Australia in just 2003. It's not just about raising money, it's also about raising awareness of men's health issues.

Some important facts and stats courtesy of the Movember UK website

Prostate Cancer Facts

  •  1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK – one man is diagnosed every 15 minutes 
  • A man will die from prostate cancer every hour - more than 10,000 men will die of the disease this year in the UK
  • African Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer. 
  • You are 2.5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has had it Occurrences of prostate cancer in men are comparable to the rates of breast cancer in women
  •  Testicular cancer in the UK affects younger men between the ages of 20 and 50. There were 1,990 men diagnosed with the disease in 2007
  •  Men are 80% less likely to visit their GP and stay in touch with their doctors than women in the UK, thereby denying themselves the chance of early detection and effective treatment

Only men can get prostate cancer and the risk factors associated with it are:
    •   Ethnicity: African Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer.
    •   Family: you are 2.5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has had it.
    •   Diet: if you have a diet rich in fat, dairy products and red meat, this may increase your risk of developing prostate cancer (and other health conditions).
    •   It is important that men of all ages are aware of their prostate and prostate cancer.

    So, you're up for the challenge? What are the rules? Well for those of you that are already sporting some lip hair - I want you to get naked.... What? It's in the rules?! The rules clearly state you must start with a clean shaven face on November the 1st.You need to register (there's a link at the bottom of the page) and you need to grow and care for your mo for a whole month. For this you will get sponsored. Donations can also be made online.

    Chaps, despite what you may think us gals want you to love your man parts. Like all good relationships it's important to get to know what feels normal, what feels right and what feels wrong. Even if you're not able to join in and grow a mo this time you still need to go over to the Movember site. It's a good resource for your health. Girls head over there too, we need to understand mens health as much as they do.

    If you are going to grow a mo then everything you need to know including how to register is on the website for you.

    Hopefully these pictures of handsome chaps has inspired your mostyle. I'd love to do a mostar gallery so email your photo and name to missyvintage@hotmail.co.uk by Dec 6th and I will create a post that is all about the marvelous Movember mofest!

    The links below are for the UK sites.

    Good luck chaps!

    For more information on Movember click here

    To go straight to the registration page click here

    You can also follow on twitter @ Movember UK and on the Movember UK facebook page



    1. Mr FHCS grew a mo last year and raised about a grand a a half once his company had matched the donations. Got to say we were both glad to see the back of it in December though!

    2. Well done for highlighting this my father has prostate cancer and is being monitored we are hoping it doesn't get any worse, dee x

    3. I had a comment but then the picture of David Niven made me lose all thoughts. Wibble.

    4. It's a great idea, Jon would welcome anything that allowed him not to shave for a month. x

    5. I always give to Movember. His Lordship always looks villainous with a tache, which is quite funny.

    6. It's such an amazing charity with such an entertaining way of raising money! My guy friend does it every year - this year he's attempting a Poirot style 'tashe!

    7. I'm so "There with the Hair".

      If anyone wants to sponsor me you can do so at http://mobro.co/YeOldeFarmer
      I promise to keep regular updates as the "Mo" develops..


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