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You may remember I mentioned recently that we were having a bit of a special film event happening in Norwich. Move over forgettable modern day film starts with their plastic fantasticness and their teeth so white they are almost blue and hello Audrey Hepburn!

If you missed the piece about this then you can catch up by reading it here

As part of Norwich Fashion week (yes we have a fashion week! Fancy that, go us!) Cinema City screened Breakfast at Tiffany's for one night only. Vintage Norwich were asked to take over the bar and add some glamour and a bit of vintage interestingness. (Am I the only one who likes to add 'ness' on the end of words?....)

We had meetings to discuss it before hand. Proper meetings, with note pads and pens. Occasionally tea and cake. Okay, one meeting with tea and cake the other meetings were a little more.......soiree like at times and may have involved a tipple of something stronger than tea. Rum cocktails poured from tin tea pots seems like a reasonable compromise to me and there were always note pads and pens.

The evening went exceptionally well and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came. Big kisses to all of you. Several people there were seeing the film for the first time, others has seen it many times before and some people just came along to have a drink and see what Vintage Norwich was all about.

We arrived with suitcases, bags and a trunk full of vintage goodies. We set up a fantastic pop up fashion library that was really popular and hopefully provided some vintage inspiration for the many glamour kittens who browsed through the various titles.

We also took with us various items from our own personal collections, such as gloves, hats, bags and glasses to give people the chance to touch, feel and try on some vintage and vintage inspired pieces. The Vintage Norwich ladies including myself, Gemma from Retro Chick and Lucy from Glamourologist were on hand to have a natter about eras, fashion and anything else people fancied talking to us about. If there's one thing we like, it's talking!

It was a beautifully warm evening, the cinema has a gorgeous court yard so our 'taking over the bar' became like an outdoor soiree as we set up all our goodies outside and enjoyed the balmy evening air.

We managed to grab a Bellini as the evening began, these are becoming a personal favorite of mine. The peach juice in them surely counts as one of your five a day? The next picture shows us all at the start of the evening. (Picture courtesy of Retro chick) I'm wearing a 70's does 50's dress. The belt is from ASOS but via a chaz boutique (aka charity shop)

Myself with Retro Chick and Glamourologist

There was much excitement about seeing the film and I have to say there were some fantastic styles being sported. Thrilling to see so many people took the chance to get dolled up on a school night. Vintage Norwich didn't watch the film, we stayed in the court yard and carried on being social butterflies. With a bit of much needed feeding and watering.

There was also the tricky task of looking through the pictures of guests to decide who should be crowned 'best dressed'. This was such a hard choice as there was so much fabulousness to choose from.

After much deliberation we made the decision, so well done to Hannah who won a Vintage Norwich goodie bag that contained some goodies including a makeup bag made from Poppy Valentine and a hand made fascinator from local designers Sugar and Hatter. (I actually have exactly the same fascinator  - it's beautiful!) The prize also included a years membership to the cinema so well worth dolling up for.

Retro Chick, best dressed winner Hannah, Glamourologist and myself
It was busy work but so much fun. Bring on the next one! (That's a reference to the next event by the way. Just so you know. Not a call for the next Bellini. Although......mmmmmm)

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  1. wow, looks like a great time indeed! x


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