Bellini anyone?

Yesterday I mentioned my fondness for a  Bellini (In my post about the recent Vintage Norwich / Breakfast at Tiffany's event.) So I wondered if you might like to know how to make them so you can have a Bellini soiree of your own.

Firstly, according to good old Wikipedia the Bellini was invented in the 30's or 40's in Venice. Secondly according to moi, they are scrumptious. Now I'm sure there are a few ways to make a Bellini, some may be considered more authentic than others. I know people can be quite particular about how cocktails are made and some of cocktails are quite a science. Me? If it tastes nice then I'm happy.

So all you will need is :

Peach puree or peach juice. (Don't be shy about using tinned peaches, just blitz the peach slices and the juice in the liquidiser or with a hand blender. The speedier version would be to just use peach juice)

And your choice of one of the following sparkling wines: Champagne, prosecco or cava. (I'd suggest a cheap cava, it will do the job just fine)

That's it, that's all you need. Who says glamour has to be hard work? This is the perfect lazy girls cocktail . If you fancy a kick of extra alcohol you could add a shot of peach schnapps.

The quantities are two parts sparkling wine to one part peach juice/puree. For example 100ml of cava  plus 50mls of juice.

Serve in champagne coupes or flutes or make a huge jug and serve in pretty tumblers. My personal favourite idea is to drink from pretty tea cups. Why not make the cocktail up in a tea pot and have a cocktail tea party?

Dust of those tea cups and give them some extra use. If you don't have any pretty china then it's so easy and cheap to pick up, so keep an eye out at boot sales and charity shops. Rehome that unwanted china. As alcohol is involved, it is probably best that you don't use the best family china.......
Pretty cups are perfect for cocktails.


  1. Mmmmm, like this very much, and what's more I have the exact same cups and saucers as in your piccy!

  2. Sounds very yummy, love the "tea party" idea too!!! X

  3. Mmmm think must have a go at these. I found the other ones quite bitty but guess that is to do with the proportions of fizzy to peach?

  4. I can't drink good champagne, so I would use a medium prosecco anyway! I had it at my wedding in fact. I don't know why the posh stuff gives me a headache, but hey, I'm a cheap date!

    I love Bellinis and Kir Royals. Favourite cocktails- and so easy!

  5. Love the idea of using pretty teacups!!!
    Mmm,bellinis are YUM! I also like a bit of oj in my bubbly,I think it's a mimosa??

  6. Helga, we call that a buck fizz? OJ & fizz. I think mimosa sound much nicer. x


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