All the fun of the Vintage fair....

It was Vintage fair time again in Norwich yesterday. I visited this event earlier in the year so I was pleased to be able to attend again. (If you missed that visit then you can catch up by reading it here) It was certainly busy. The age range walking through the doors was vast. Teens rocking their eighties indie jumpers, well dressed uber glam ladies and everything inbetween.

What I do like about this fair is the range of prices, there are bargains to be had. Some will be obvious, some you will have to root out.....

Last time I was at the fair the thing that made me a little sad was a big rail of reworked vintage. What caused my eyebrows to raise this time was one dress.....A pretty, cute little floral number...nestled amongst a rail of vintage dresses.

The dress in question was the Tesco label - Florence and Fred. If it had been on a rail with other second hand modern clothes, labeled something like ' The vintage style modern rail' I would still have been suprised that I'd paid £2 to attend a vintage fair to see a rail like this but I've no issue with creating a vintage look with modern clothes I just feel it was perhaps in the wrong place.

The stall the dress was on was really reasonably priced, and although the Tesco dress didn't have a price on it, I'm confident they weren't asking a lot for it. So whilst there's no rip off pricing going on here, what do we think of a modern label being at a vintage fair?

Hand on heart I'm no vintage snob. I love a bit of supermarket chic - I even wrote about getting a vintage look using modern clothes from my wardrobe. Many of the clothes in that post came from a supermarket. You can read the post here. One of my most loved dresses is a £9 dress from Asda, however I just can't help but be surprised to see it at a vintage fair...

There were some absolute gems though, I adored Miss Kitty Hats stall. The fascinators were swoon worthy to say the least. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I occasionally tweet about wanting to be Paloma Faith - just for one day....well I thought of Paloma straight away when I saw this fascinator complete with colourful little bird.

so much prettiness..

Also catching my eye was a faux fur animal print coat. I *NEED* a coat like this. I really, really do.....

There was a really good stall from the charity BREAK, which had some nice homewares and a good selection of dresses. I bought a fabulous electric blue 1980's maxi dress which I intend to make very 40's/50's  hollywood glam with wavy hair and a whole lot of red lipstick. Picture to follow... (I'm a tease, I know)

There were some very fine looking cakes available but the afternoon tea area was so so busy that we decided to give it a miss rather than wait to pounce on a table when it became free. Everyone seemed to be chowing down happily though and the tea and conversation was flowing merrily.

Refreshments were required though. So we headed to a pub. Where else?

Whiskey sour anyone?

Whilst this was being made a lady at the bar commented that she used to drink this cocktail in the 1960's. So a very vintage drink of choice. Vintage and delicious.


  1. It all looks great. I to have no problem with dressing to look vintage with modern clothes. But at a vintage fair i would expect it to all be vintage retro original. dee x

  2. Love your pictures and that dress you've bought sounds heavenly, I bet you look gorgeous in electric blue!
    I was amazed at how many "vintage" stalls were flogging Primark, New Look and George at the last fair I went to. As you rightly say, there's absolutely wrong with wearing it but you don't pay a £2 entrance fee to find stuff you'd get in the local charity shop.
    I picked up a lovely Guess sheepskin bolero a couple of weeks ago, the lady maintained it was "proper vintage". Madness! x

  3. I wear a lot of vintage inspired high street, but if I go to a vintage fair, it is for vintage wares! I'm always disappointed to see F&F and the like when I have made a special trip to find something unique. Talking of which, I adore those fascinators!

  4. Im all for a bit of highstreet vintage inspired clothing mixed with real vintage but i too would have not expected it at a vintage fair. This fair however does look like it had some amazing bits, i adore that animal print coat *swoon*. Scarlett x

  5. I agree, there's nothing wrong with achieving a vintage look with modern high street clothes, but that really is not what you expect at a vintage fair. what a shame.

    still the rest of it looked fab.x.

  6. Hmmm.. its a toughy for me. I am not bothered by it - if the price is right and it looks nice. I think with the influx of "vintage fairs", this sort of thing is bound to happen. I think I view it from the point of the off chance that people are wanting to find retro looking clothes alongside real life vintage apparell. I think generally the odd garment that is clearly modern but the right look is ok by me. For my £2 the vintage always outweighs the highstreet, so I am never that fussed.

  7. It sounds great fun! Yes, I felt that when I saw a Tesco dress in a Vintage selection- it probably should be elsewhere or at least have a label saying, 'Vintage inspired'

  8. Sounds like a great day out! Would love to go somewhere like that. I don't mind "vintage style" modern clothes, if I like something I'll buy it regardless, but obviously if I could find the original I would grab it with glee. But I can understand it would be a bit disappointing finding rails of mostly second hand high street if it is a "vintage" fair.

  9. Hi my dear!! The fair looked fabulous and your new dress sounds lovely too! As a vintage seller, I personally wouldn't sell modern vintage inspired pieces, but thats not to say I don't agree with it, its not 'wrong' but personally I prefer to sell the real deal. xx

  10. I've no problem with vintage inspired outfits at all, but I would certainly raise an eyebrow if I found F&F at a vintage fair - that's not why I go to them! If that became more frequent it could also make it more likely that dodgy sellers might be tempted to pass off their modern stuff as vintage. I'm pretty sure that already happened to me once already - I'm very dubious about the provenance of one of my dresses! Other than that, it does look like a lovely fair - I like all the things you've photographed - especially the coat.

  11. I see modern stuff at vintage fairs here all the time, it irks me no end. Organisers always tell us that sellers who bring modern stuff will have it removed from their stalls, but it never happens!

  12. You are talking about paradise to me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you for your visit and your kind comment.
    I would offer you a cup of tea with plenty sunshine...


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