So long September

This month has flown by. I feel like I have hardly drawn breath! It's all been non stop. I have to say, since starting my blog last November I never seem to get bored. I'm always thinking, researching, planning - one could say day dreaming! Now I'm writing for Vintage Norwich too, it's all a bit of a crazy blur as I'm combing it all with a full time job. A girl has to keep herself in vintage dresses, cocktails and vino!

Except as you can see, I haven't just been drinking cocktails and vino. I managed to get some time off work and go adventuring! So are you are expecting tales of Thailand, India or some other far off exotic destination?

Well, in fact I went to Cholsey. Where? Cholsey. No I'd never heard of it either. I actually thought the place was Chorley. Half way through the evening I was informed that Chorley is actually up north. I was sitting in a fold up chair in Oxfordshire. They do sound similar and I have no shame in admitting that geography isn't one of my strong points. Obviously.

Why was I sitting on a fold up chair with really no idea where I was? (I *did* know I was in Oxfordshire somewhere by the way, I didn't think I was actually up north! I just thought the village I was in was Chorley - which may also be very nice!) It was the annual beer festival. I'd never been to a beer festival before.....

I was sure I didn't like real ale. That's still true I have to confess. I really did taste test lots of different types, as you can see from above picture I even tried with my eyes closed! Ones that looked like gravy and ones that looked like various shades of .....wee. (Sorry real ale fans) But I just couldn't get the taste for it. Despite what the above picture may convey. I do like lager but real ale, no.

I was also sure I wouldn't like cider, due to the fizzy type being my drink as a teenager. I still remember my first hangover and being desperate to wear my new polo neck. I swear I laid on my bed slowly pulling it over my head for what felt like at least half an hour. A head squeezing torturous tunnel of darkness and pain. I shudder at the memory.

HOWEVER - yum yum! I loved it! I knew it wouldn't taste the same as the ciders of my teens (Anyone remember Diamond White?!) but I thought it couldn't possibly be *that* much different. I am completely converted! I have seen the light!

Now I never ever ever drink pints. I just don't, the pint glass I'm holding came in with the ticket price. But once I discovered those ciders, ditched were the half pints! For one night only I allowed myself to go a little lad-ette like and drink by the pint.

We had a fantastic time, there was music all day and well into the evening at which point it seemed really hilarious to look at the stars through our sunglasses..... and wow the sky looked like it had been sprinkled with glitter. With no light pollution out in the sticks, the sky was simply magical.

The food was good and it was a really family orientated day. So although I am certainly no beer festival expert I would say it's perhaps a bit different to the norm? It's held in the village hall, so it's not a huge festival but I have to say it was very well organised. We jumped on the train at Paddington station and it didn't take long to get there at all.

Also in Cholsey is the resting place of........Agatha Christie!! I kid you not! That was an excellent suprise! Fortunately we stayed with a friend so the next day (and yes I was hangover free...was that luck or is cider now my friend?? ) we walked to the village church and visited the great lady herself.

What an honour. It was so lovely and still. There were notes left in an urn at the headstone by visitors and also a silver necklace. I can't help but wonder what the story is behind that, but of course that is for Agatha and her visitor to know, not me.


  1. Im not a beer drinker either but this post has made me want to go to a beer festival xx

  2. Geography is not my strong point either, I sometimes think I might get lost in my own garden, lol. X

  3. Hi there!! Sounds like a truly fabulous event and such a great time you had too, love your dress! xx

  4. Love your dress! Always a nice pic - a gal with a pint!

    Agatha Christie - what an amazing woman and a headstone to match!

  5. I've never been a beer drinker but always fancied going to a beer festival. Now I fancy it even more!

    I love your blog, it's great! Your pictures are wonderful and it's nice to see that you are a Nigella fan too.

    All the best,


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