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The house is a work in progress, I wondered if you might like a peek at how things are going so far? There's no structural work needed, just decorating and filling it up with interesting 'stuff'. I'm aiming to use thrifted and vintage in each room in one way or another. If someone with minimalist taste walks in and turns pale with horror then we have done a good job as far a I'm concerned!

The bathroom. I'd love to show you a picture of an old roll top bath with claw feet, however the bathroom was fitted new by the previous seller (who bought this house to do up. Prior to that it had been in the same family for years.) So it's a very crisp modern white suite, not much vintage style going on in here so I've done what I can with the accessories and I'll keep adding to it. It's a nice space and I hope it will be a good mix of new and old as time goes by.

So far I've got these decanters (some of you will have seen these before) I use them for bubble bath. They look wonderfully pretty and it's lovely deciding which one to use. Quite decadent to have an array of fragrances to suit my moods, needs and stresses! They twinkle beautifully next to candle light.

For pretty bathroom storage, old china is your friend! I use this little pot to store cotton buds, and a pretty jug is perfect as a toothbrush holder.

A tea cup on the bathroom windowsill holds hair grips and bobbles. The 50's linen bin has a glass top, and is perfect for brightening up the room with some flowers. I use this 1930's glass jug. Little jugs like this are perfect vases, it's an economical way to have flowers dotted around the house as one bunch goes a long way when you divide it into little displays like this.

So onto the hall, we are aiming to have the walls full of mirrors in all sorts of shapes and sizes and as they will be a various heights I stand a good chance of being able to look in at least one as I walk out the door, anyone who lives with someone of quite a different height will understand that finding the right height to hang a mirror can be tricky! It's going to be a slow project though as I've set myself a maximum of £15 per mirror. I know if I walked into a antique/vintage shop I could snap up a dozen mirrors if price was no object, but firstly I don't have those kind of funds and secondly, finding them as and when is half the fun.

An item The Boy previously owned is this lovely old phone. My daughter never having seen one like this before looked quite unsure when she saw it, asking if it was real and did it actually work...It does work. Perfectly. However if you call a company that has an automated system where you need to press 1 to speak to A, press 2 to speak to B etc. You end up in a bit of a loop as you can't press a button to get to where you need to be. Still, you end up in the 'I don't know' queue, so you still speak to someone in the end.

The spare room may eventually end a dressing room/my study/writing room, however guests will have to put up with growing selection of pictures om what I'm referring to as 'The Kitsch wall'. Now this is going to a real marmite feature. It's going to be loved or loathed. Personally, I think it's a hoot. The fluffy dog makes me laugh every time I look at it. Brace yourselves.....

So there are a few ways I use vintage/thrifted items around the home. How do you work vintage in to your home?


  1. A wall of kitsch, a rotary dial phone, a wall of mirrors and a set of decanters in the bathroom....what's not to love? I'd be right at home!
    Looking lovely and you're right about the phones, gorgeous to look at but a right old nightmare when you're calling those automated switchboards. x

  2. Ah Vix - as you know you inspired the contents of those decanters,I'd have just filled them with booze!

  3. Am loving the fluffy dog, that is really funny,
    Love the wall of mirrors and the cheeky earbud china holder!
    All looking so nice, have so much to do with my house!
    becca x

  4. Absolutely love your home and your style. Filling decanters with bubble bath-what a fabulous idea xx

  5. Great use of vintage objects! Most of what I own now is vintage so it's all around the house.

    Including a gigantic Pyrex collection!

  6. O,it's looking so lovely! Those decanters are divine,I do think just one needs to have a little boozey joy!!

  7. Looking great, loving the vintage touches! X

  8. It all looks lovely! I understand the mirror dilemma, my OH is 5'11 and I'm just under 5ft!

  9. What a gorgeous home, I love the idea of the decanters, might have to steal that one xx

  10. Some nice touches for sure! There's always so much inspiration from other bloggers, it's great isn't it?!

  11. Oh so sweet! Love the 70's artworks!! Nice details, can't wait to see more!

  12. Hi my dear!! Thanks for the tour with such pretty and useful tips-I especially love the decanters and also the phone-we had one when I was a teen, lol!! Have a great week xx

  13. So cool to see how you've incorporated vintage items into your home! I especially like the little kid pictures. I actually had that dilemma not too long ago with those phones, but had to hang up and find a diff phone.


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