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In July I wrote a post called Mid week love links. Amy Winehouse had just tragically passed away and reactions were very mixed. Most peoples twitter feeds and facebook pages seemed to be filling up with cross words as people voiced opinions, thoughts and in my opinion some very sweeping and outrageous statements about the tragedy. So at the time it seemed like a good idea to just share some love by giving a shout out to some blogs that I'd recently enjoyed.

It got such a good reaction that I thought I would repeat it. Infact, I'm considering making it a regular feature. There are some amazing writers, photographers and creative people out there. Blogs for me, are like magazines. Firstly, they are free. Excellent... more money to either save (I probably won't do this) or put towards a vintage gem (I probably absolutely will do this) Secondly, they are brilliant inspiration.

Blogging is a brilliant way to actually just do something you enjoy and it's a fantastic platform to show what you can do. So some of these you may know, some of them you may be about to discover......

A bit of a shout out for some boy bloggers. There are not enough of you out there. Chaps, if you are considering blogging but are concerned it's a woman's world please don't be put off. I know there's a lot of us, but really we are quite nice and don't bite (most of the time) Hopefully these two links will inspire you....

Tales of a Southern Retro offers 'a retrospective man's guide to mid - century life' his latest post tells of his trip to Norwich to take some portraits for his project that captures vintage as a lifestyle choice. Read it here

Eclectic Ephemera writes about a range of era's and is especially fond of the 20's and 30's. His latest post has some stunning transport images. Read it here

Next is a shameless plug for my fellow Vintage Norwich Girls

Glamour_ologist has been writing about eyebrow trends through the decades. Read it here.

Retro Chick
recently wrote a post about styling hair in a vintage way. I've a similar post half written but my hair is much longer, so you girls with mid length locks could find this very useful. Setting hair my sound like a lot of effort, but really it's a bit of a discovery for a lazy girl who would rather spend an extra 30 minutes in bed in the mornings..... Read it here.

Another blog I've been enjoying and is well worth popping over to........

Tales from Betty Bee Towers who this week wrote about hair accessories that could inspire you to get experimental and perhaps make your own? Read it here


  1. OOh thanks, lots of great links!

  2. Thank you I'll be checking the ones out I don't already read!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! And for pointing me in the direction of a like-minded Chap!


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