Granny Chic

Who doesn't love a pussy bow?

This post was actually sparked by a tweet by a fellow blogger Rosie who writes Out with the new, in with the old. Whilst watching Eastenders Rosie tweeted about a fab dress Dot Cotton was wearing which had palm trees on it. At seeing this tweet I thought ''It's not just me!!' Hoorah! So often, I find my self watching Dot,other OAP characters on TV or even in the street and I want to own their dresses, bags, shoes, hats, scarves etc etc. I want those items that have been making the world pretty and glam for so many years.

I love a pussy bow!

Beige mac and kelly bag - yes I wear both of these items.

So who else loves what I like to call a bit of 'granny Chic'? I was once on a train sitting opposite a lady who had some gorgeous 1960's courts on. If she'd had the same size feet I might have thought about offering her some money for them (and a shoe swap of course!) I expect she would have called the guard.... I wonder.......

I've several pairs of 'granny style' shoes. A T bar works fabulously with anything. Even a pair of skinny jeans in my opinion.

I'm very partial to dresses that fall just below the knee. I've no idea how old this one is, it's been handmade. It certainly has some age to it. Any guesses? It's quite 50's looking and a very classic shape.

Whatever age it is, I love it. It's a fab shape, I wish I was clever enough to make a dress. It's still on my 'must learn' list

Some of you will have seen this snap of me before. I'm the one in the second picture. Just so you know.


  1. I actually find myself wondering whether some of the dresses some grannies wear here in Spain, when they get all dolled up and glamorous, could actually be worn fabulously by one of you retro gals ;) Seriously, the humble tiny flat I rent is in a very well-to-do area, and a lot of the ladies here wear jewellery that would pay for my rent for a few years, same applies to their shoes and other accessories. Their dresses are either tailor-made, some are obviously designer, and the cuts are so femenine. Granny chic indeed around my neck of the woods :P

  2. Wow the people watching must be amazing where you live! x

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  4. Granny Chic is a code i think i live by! And i think i want to be Dot Cotton. I did a post on her back in Jan(http://landgirl1980.blogspot.com/2011/01/dot-cotton-unlikely-style-icon.html )
    and have been know to shush The Beard if he talks whilst she is on so that i can concentrate on her outfit more!

  5. I've never seen anyone look so gorgeous in curlers as you!
    I can appreciate granny-chic, an elegant framed handbag, a dainty hat, pretty gloves or a ditsy frock but a bit too ladylike on me.
    I did stand behind an elderly lady in Boots the other day, she was rocking the most divine red dress with gold Chinese temple dogs printed around the hem. Sadly she'd teamed it with orthopaedic cream sandals, American tights and a beige raincoat. x

  6. I love this post! I am definitely on the granny train. They new what was up in fashion. Although they also seem to have had impossibly tiny waists and no ribs, but beauty is pain so suffer I will. Glad I stumbled by your blog!

  7. I love this post! Great pictures and the rollers are awesome. I've been reading/blogging about granny chic a bit at www.grannychic.net

    I am so excited when I find people's posts about their own granny chic obsessions, it helps me feel less nerdy lol.


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