Girl meets..... steel boned corset.........

Here follows a tale of drama, terror and love......

Recently I received a message on Twitter asking me if I would like to go to the No strings Burlesque and cabaret night that was being held in Norwich. Of course my reply was an enthusiastic YES! Pretty soon I was having that ''hmmmm what do I have to wear?'' voice in my head. Yes I had options. My red wiggle dress would have fitted the bill..... but looking for inspiration, I looked around online I kept coming back to pictures of the very beautiful Dita Von Teese which made me start to ponder a corset.

I've worn corsets before, but never a steel boned one. There is a difference. A huge difference. Not just in the way they shape and support you but the difference in price can be huge.

Being the budget conscious girl that I am (translation = skint) I started to look around and I was getting more and more interested in the idea of attending the evening sporting a burlesque look. It's one of those events where pretty much 'anything goes' dress wise, so it was *the* perfect opportunity to go for it.

My normal day look is of often quite demure (ish!) mainly 40's/50's style day dresses. I'm very partial to a pussy bow, so this was going to be something a little different to say the least! But I couldn't afford to pay over £100 for a corset and I was finding some utterly stunning ones but with an utterly unaffordable price tag for my budget.

Then I discovered a shop on Ebay selling beautiful corsets. *This is not a sponsored post, I've received no gifted items from this store. It's not a review for a freebie I've been given. I paid for my corset with my own hard earned cash and I'm just so thrilled with it, that I felt this store deserved a shout out and a well deserved pat on the back*

Not only did the shop Corsets Boulevard Ltd have an electric blue colour (my favourite) but the corsets were also longer length which means they sit on your hips and over your tummy creating an amazing hour glass shape. Combine that with the fact that the price was £29.95 (plus £3.50 postage) I decided to take a leap of faith and hoped it would be as good as the pictures made it appear.

It came within 2 days and as soon as I opened it I gasped as the colour was magnificent! I'm a bit like a child at Christmas when I get something new and I couldn't wait to get my self all corseted up.

What follows is NOT a tale of elegance, so if you like to think of me as graceful, cool and sophisticated.....stop reading now...

I got the corset on - a bit of a wrestle with the fastenings at the front but nothing I couldn't handle. I look in the mirror and I can see the lace needs tightening at the back.... So of course I tighten it a little? No of course I tighten it A LOT! But, I'm okay, I'm standing looking in the mirror thinking this makes my waistline look *amazing* About a minute later I'm starting to feel a bit too constricted. Then a little ill. I've pulled this corset far to tight in one go.......

It's fine, I will just loosen it... Oh...I seemed to have managed to tighten in such a way that I couldn't loosen it, or undo it. Oh dear. Don't panic. Three minutes later - I'm feeling sick and panicking. No one is home to assist me..... EEEEK! I've tried the corset on over my underwear so I think that if I can some how wiggle out of my bra then I would have a little more wriggle room....... Believe me - at this moment every millimeter counts.

I can't undo the bra because I'm very restricted so I'm in the middle of the living room wriggling out of the bra as best I can by trying to pull it still fastened up, over my head. The hooky bit still managed to get caught in my hair so not only was I trapped in a corset (albeit a beautiful one) I now had a bra caught in my hair, hanging like some kind of alternative fascinator.

I was at the point of feeling quite sick (perhaps it was my kidney pushed up into my chest) I couldn't get in the car and drive to someones house and I wasn't quite ready to meet the new neighbours with a ''hello - welcome to your new home, by the way can you do me a favour???'' so I just had to keep going and I did indeed manage an escape the greatest magician would have been proud of. It was then that I learned that steel boned corsets are a bit of a unique piece of clothing. You don't just throw them on like a pair of jeans. They need TLC.

I've mastered that corset. (Although, I asked The Boy to tighten it for me 5 minutes before I was due to leave the house and he somehow managed to re-lace it. Wrong. Which left me having to correct it all!..) It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it again. I wore it for hours Saturday night and it was unbelievably comfortable.

So Ladies - I am convinced that we all need one. But you must start of wearing it loosely - around the house is fine. You can then just tighten the laces at the back slowly. Slowly is key. Mid way through the night on Saturday my corset was laced as tight as it had been on that first time. Because I'd tightened it slowly my body adjusted and wasn't shocked.

At the event there were petite breasted ladies and generous busted gals and they ALL looked fab in their steel boned corsets. It really is an item that seems to suit all shapes. If you are curvy it works with those curves, if you are more athletic it creates them. It's a fascinating piece of engineering really!

If you don't want to spend fortune but want something beautiful, I would highly recommend this Ebay shop. Whether it's for an event, a wedding, a boudoir shoot (it comes with detachable suspenders) or may be you just want something beautiful on a budget. If you want to try a steel boned corset then this is a bank balance friendly way to treat yourself. I completely adore my blue one and I've had so many compliments on it already. I now have my eye on a green one. Do I need another corset? Possibly not. Do I want another one? Absolutely yes.

Corsets Boulevard Ltd


  1. Couldnt help but have a giggle at your struggle was expecting you to say someone knocked on teh door.I tried a vintage girdle on recently over my jeans thenkfully coz do you think I could undo it? Only one home was 16 yr old son who thought it was hilarious but he finally managed to disconnect me.
    I do want a corset its on my list.

  2. It looks fab on you! the only time I've ever worn a steel boned corset was when I was an extra in victorian TV series and those wardrobe ladies had no sympathy they fastened it TIGHT! Mind you having worn a lot of 50s boned clothes throughout my life I was ok, but can't imagine if I'd never worn anything like that!

  3. I've bought from them before and would also recommend! Corsets UK are also decent, if you stick to the steel boned! x

  4. Great post - the colour is fab! Sadly, I just cannot wear them...they make me feel sick! I think is the tightness of them, my insides do not likey :(

  5. Gorgeous! You look fab, I think that is such good value.
    Colour is gorgeous on you.


  6. I'm completely converted to the steel boned corsets. They just don't loose their shape after a few hours like other types can.

  7. You look seriously incredible - that bright blue just jumps out against your hair :-)

    I absolutely need one of these! (Need - it's a funny thing to need a corset isn't it?)

    I bought a couple of the cheapie plastic boned ones in my late teens, but always hated how cheap they looked. Fancy that, buy cheap and look cheap.

    Luckily burlesque isn't too massive over here so I'm sure if I've got an evening planned I'd have enough warning to find a proper one!

  8. *swoon thump* - you look AHH-FRICKING-MAZING! Although - you did make me howl with laughter at my desk with the image you counjured of you trying to free yourself of your corset!

  9. ps) makes you wonder how many ladies were actually swooning over Mr Darcy types and how many coulfd just not bloody well BREATHE!

  10. Agree with Landgirl - not surprising there were so many 'attacks of the vapours'! You do look amazing though and I did snort as I pictured you writhing about with a bra in your hair in corset tunnel hell!

    Thanks for the recommendation of the Ebay shop though, that does sound like an absolute bargain.

  11. You look great!! My boobs have a habit of spilling out when I've tried corsets in the past! But they were probably rubbish ones anyway! Will look at the shop thanks!
    PS- You look great by the way!

  12. Wow you look amazing. Your account did make me laugh and reminded me of various spanx/girdle/corset type farces I have found myself in.

  13. Love this corset on you, the colour is just amazing, I believe the term is "waist training" for gradually tightening the laces to get used to being restricted. And yes it does explain why ladies were thought of as being delicate creatures, don't suppose for a minute they went around fainting/swooning for fun!!!! X

  14. Now I'm seriously wanting one, the one you chose has an amazing colour. Must admit it has been a fun read, getting to know how you managed to get in and out of it, but I do feel for you, I'm a tad claustrophobic and would have gone mad trying to get out of it :S

  15. you look absolutely gorgeous even if it was a bit of a struggle getting there! you gave us a giggle though :D x

  16. That's an amazing colour- my sister would love this- maybe I should get her one for her birthday! I like the idea of them and it looks fab on you, but I pulled a muscle somewhere near my chest wearing a bra that was too tight last Christmas and I couldn't cough without pain for days so I'm a little cautious now!!!!
    Such a funny story of your dilemma! Sorry, shouldn't laugh!

  17. Since owning my first corset I have developed profound admiration for Burlesque artists who just whip them off in seconds. They are a skill to be mastered that is for sure. End result is always worth it though and you look fabulous x


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