I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I'm so sorry, it's been a crazy jam packed week that's seen me dashing here there and every where.It's been busy = good though, not busy = bad. I've been whizzing around trying to combine a full time job, writing, meetings connected to the writing and it's a juggling act isn't it? I feel I've achieved a lot the last week or so, but it's been a bit manic at times. Interesting but manic. What is the secret to successfully spinning plates?

Last Tuesday I had a photo shoot with Mat from Southern Retro. Mat is producing portraits for his ongoing project about people who live a vintage inspired lifestyle day to day. Not just getting dressed up for an event, but people where it's actually a life choice.

Now the last time I had a solo photo shoot was with the school photographer and it's likely I'd have been sporting train track braces and a perm. Yes a perm. People didn't straighten their hair in the early 90's, and I loved having curly hair. I still do. Even fringes didn't escape the perm rods in those days.

Now sadly I don't have an old school photos to show you.(Really you should be thanking me. I would fear for the safety of your laptops.Drinking tea whilst witnessing my old school pics would undoubtedly result in spitting tea out as you hoot with laughter)

So back to the shoot. The night before I slept in my hot sticks. (I will post more about these later - they are fab) So I went to bed looking like I had a head full of black slugs, I wouldn't normally sleep in them and not sure I'd repeat that experience. I might stick to foam rollers for over night sets. I chose to wear a blue dress and of course red lipstick. I don't have any pictures to show you so as soon as Mat has has them ready I will let you know.

It was fun.I was nervous, but Mat was lovely and we had a natter and a cuppa before he set up his equipment and turned my lounge into a studio! My natural photo face is to grin. My natural face setting generally involves a smile of some sort really. I'm getting better at posing but I wouldn't say I'm a natural.

I know there were a few of me blinking - which always makes one look half cut! (I wonder if Mat keeps the out takes?...) But Mat assures me he got some super shots and that I was a lovely subject (I told you he was nice!) So I have every confidence that they're going to be fab. He came all the way from Brighton to photograph six of us vintage lovers, so by the time the pictures appear on the website it will be like a big vintage 'hello' from Norwich!

If you're interested in sitting for Mat then you can contact him on his page. Mat also writes a blog - Tales of a Southern Retro and I'm constantly making noise that there just aren't enough boy bloggers out there so do take a look at it (chaps there's a really useful post about the basics of men's retro style)

I've also had a meeting with the Vintage Norwich ladies - Retro chick and Glamourologist. Yes it involved alcohol, but we had note pads and pens and everything. So it really was a meeting......

Gemma (aka Retro Chick - yes, we also get confused when discussing peoples names, do you use the real name, the writing name, the twitter name?!) presented me with a Vintage Norwich mug and some business cards for when I am out and about.

On Saturday I attended an event that means I have now lost my steel boned corset virginity..... more on that this week. I was very lucky to attend as it was a sell out show and I was there reviewing in for Vintage Norwich and snapping pics of everyone having a super time.

I love candid photography. It allows you to capture a window in time in a completely different way from a portrait. So I took quite a few candid shots of the lovely folk dressed up and having a jolly good time.

I attended this event all on my own, and I was nervous as although I've tweeted with a few people who would be there, I hadn't actually met anyone, so thank you everyone who made the effort to say hello and even those who were just generally very nice - the folk who I danced with, took pictures of me, chatted to me at the bar. I'm really glad I braved it to go on my own. It's good to step out of the comfort zone. I really had a great night.

More pics to follow but here are a few as I know this has been a word heavy post! I hope you are still awake at this point...... I've been slack at documenting life this week. Mainly due to evenings with cocktails and vino. We also went out for cocktails and fizz with Mat from Southern Retro during his visit. Well it would have been rude not too.... (hello two for one cocktails!)

So a few pics to leave you with.....

The start of my Saturday evening..... (This corset will be getting it's very own blog post)

After the show.....

End of the evening.....

I'm now convinced all events need a portable tashe bar. Who would have thought some little bits of felt could provide so much amusement. By this point the 'boob tashe' was trending, the bar was closed, we'd just finished dancing. Home time. Getting out of that corset is as hard as getting into it. Vino does not make this challenge any easier....

More pics of the night to follow. Just so you know what to expect...there will be fire eating and a performer in metal knickers....with an angle grinder. I kid you not.


  1. love those pics on Southern Retro...can't wait to see yours.

  2. You looked amazing in that corset x

  3. Sounds like life is fun and exciting for you..enjoy it all, dee x

  4. Wow, you looked fantastic! I've gone off wearing boned corsets since my wedding when I discovered I was held in so tightly I could hardly sit down, let alone eat anything!

  5. Wow, sounds so exciting!!! Well done on the corset- it's hard enough wearing one round your waist to hold up a Balinese sarong, let alone a full one! Love the tache!

  6. love the pictures of you in teh corset-whit woo. Sounds like life is fun and full. Bravo

  7. Thanks, I've got to say that corset was amazing. I thought I was dying the first time I tried it on though!

  8. You look so gorgeous in those pictures - stunning lady. can't wait to see your photoshoot pics. x

  9. Cannot wait to read about that corset, the colour is fab and you look absolutely stunning in it :)

  10. Wow, you look super sexy in the corset!! Great colour on you too. xxx

  11. You look so hot in that corset!
    Love your hair, too. x

  12. Love the pics and you look stunning. Look at you in that corset you gorgeous creature, you.xxx


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