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Carmen Miranda

When Princess Beatrice wore 'that' hat to William and Kate's wedding there was mixed reactions. Personally I liked it. Designer Philip Treacey is a genius in my opinion. I like his bold show stopping creations, do I think it was worth £81100.01/ $132,000? No. But, that's what someone paid on ebay for it......

But sculptural hats are nothing new.  When I was researching for the previous post, I came across some amazing images. ( If you missed it, you can catch up by clicking here)

Greta Garbo in the film Ninotchka 1939

The Holiday.1938. It's not very often my eyes are torn away from Carey Grant.
Ginger Rogers. 1930's
Lana Turner 1940 I've no idea what's going on with this design. .....................

Joan Crawford. Proof that plonking a bow on something does not make it prettier....
Audrey Hepburn looking utterly stunning

I've never seen this pic of Audrey Hepburn before, she looks so amazingly elegant. How fantastic is the hat? Talk about standing the test of time, you could wear that design today and it would look current. A timeless design in my opinion. So based on the recent hat activity on this blog, are you tempted to wear them more? I'm definitely going try and get 50's pillbox hat (even if I only wear it to wash up!) Watch this space........


  1. I very much want a leopard print pillbox. Rather an ambitious way to start my hat wearing though isn't it!

  2. Oh I love the idea of that Kerry! If you are going to do you may as well make a statement!

  3. I've never seen Audrey Hepburn take a bad photo! What a woman!

    Quite a few 1940s hats were always quite vertical - not that I could wear them, because if I wore a hat AND heels I probably wouldn't fit through doorways...

  4. Oh little Missy I shall be watching for your head concotions yes I shall xx

  5. Don't get me wrong, I love a good hat but I'm not a fan of crazy headgear usually displayed at celebrity weddings. It could just be that I love Audrey but the last hat/picture you have here is beautiful. Good choice, I've never seen it before either.


  6. The Lana Turner one is a cross between an icecream made from lace, and on of those dolls old ladies stick on top of toilet rolls! Love the Carmen Miranda one! Emma

  7. WOw that Audrey hat is amazing!
    I couldn't stand the Eugenie one! It's funny you should post about this- as we had a silly recreating the royal wedding anthem competition on SAtuday and I crafted a range of silly hats and fascinators out of gaffer tape, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes and egg boxes inspired by all the millinery of the wedding! Must ask people for photos!

  8. The bigger the better as far as I am concerned.


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