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As I mentioned in the last post it's been a wee quiet on the blog the last week or so as I've had two glorious weeks off from the day job. We took no time off when we moved house in April so we spent the first week doing some bits around the house. Well I say we, I emptied a bookcase and shuffled the contents across the floor then sat back and watched The Boy paint the walls.Occasionally I would nod and give encouragement - in the form of a mug of tea. He's done a good job though, he 'cuts' in and everything, I would totally skip that and start slapping it on so it's probably for the best that I'm not wielding a brush...

I also went to a 'summer soiree' in a divine little shop we have in Norwich called Poppy Valentine, it's a brilliant label that makes much of it's stock from vintage fabrics - dresses, bags, cushions etc All items stocked are made in the UK. There was some complimentary fizz and some nibbles, and a whopping 20% (at least) off the goodies. To good to miss really! I turned up just as a new bottle of fizz was being opened, well fancy that! I took so many pictures because it's just all so gorgeous.

I did treat myself, as it was such a good discount I decided I had to. I bought a lovely new make up bag, a coin purse (which I'm going to use as a mini make up bag as it's big enough to hold a lipstick & compact and these simply beautiful hair slides, made with art deco buttons. Claire the owner of Poppy Valentine (and creative genius!) told me that these buttons were given to her in a box of buttons from her grandma. This just made me love them a little bit more.

So after two glasses of fizz, I met The Boy and we decided it would be a really good idea to go and have some more. So shopping bag in hand we went on for vino. On the way home I decided that the dress I was wearing should be snapped for my Project 365 page - so here I am quite worse for wear outside a Norwich book shop.

I'm wearing a St. Michaels 80's does 40's style dress. A dream to wear. The navy blue Kelly bag was a birthday present to myself from a charity shop and the little white peep toes were from Primark £3 reduced from £6!! Such a shame they only had that pair as they are so comfy and perfect for me as we travel by foot quite a lot.

Notice I don't have a shopping bag full of goodies?.....Well we walk home, buy a chinese on route and all is well. Happily full of vino and food we go to bed, excited that we actually go on holiday the next day. 3AM - I wake up and think...'oh my god, I can't remember having my camera or my shopping bag when I got home!' so I attempt to sneak downstairs without waking The Boy up ( I'm utterly rubbish at being quiet, even more rubbish when really trying to be - so he didn't stand a chance!)  I head downstairs with that panicky feeling you get when you think you've lost your purse....camera was there! Phew!... My shopping bag wasn't. I hunted everywhere I thought I may have put it - including all those daft places that you might think were really sensible after a few vino's..............cupboards, drawers, linen basket!...It was nowhere.

So in the early hours of the morning, I'm giving myself a huge telling off for being an idiot and a drunken fool. The button hair slides were safe though, as like a child at Christmas I'd popped them in as soon as I could when we got to the bar (perhaps the bar part isn't quite so child like, although I got my first sip of the hard stuff by the time I was five - oh yes, I liked a sip of Babycham at Christmas!) So I'm convinced I've left it in the take away. Oh dear.

The Boy cleverly decides to check the camera to see if there's any last known pictures of it, which is very considerate considering I've woken him up with all this fuss and nonsense. It becomes clear that I have obviously walked all the way home without once realising I don't have my shopping! Luckily I rang the bar the next day and my faith in human nature was restored at hearing someone had handed it in! Both fortunate and suprising! So lesson learned there.......... Always take a camera out to help you trace your evening! This is where I wonder if I actually need a P.A. Or a perhaps a  carer.......................

The lovely button hair slides, I can't show you the other items I bought as I haven't picked them up from lost property yet...

The next day we wake up exhausted following the nights drama and we had to be up early as we had some errands to do before leaving for our hol and I hadn't packed a thing! What do you pack for a British holiday? The weather is so ridiculously changeable! We kept it local this year and popped over the border to Suffolk. We hired a beautiful barn conversion in a tiny village. A village so small that when we got there we found it had no pub!! A wee bit of a shock, but we had opted for a total 'away from it all' holiday this year as we have both been so so busy. Rehab though? Well that was something I wasn't really up for!

Our residence for the week

Hooray for the Co-op is what I say. The shop was a 35 min walk away and we braved the country roads with no paths and fought with the country bugs that tried to beat us back with their buzziness and eagerness to fly into my mouth (maybe that's just because mine is constantly open...)  and we purchased wine. Mission accomplished. Such a shame there was no pub though, such the heart of a village in a small community like that. I did ponder the idea of going over to the playing fields late at night on the off chance that there may be some country youths hanging out, thinking I could responsibly confiscate booze from them....... but we stuck to the supermarket.

We had the laziest week really. Very much a snooze when you like, eat what you want and let those batteries recharge. I took a vanity case full of toiletry goodies with me to have some pamper sessions. I'm now a convert to Lush products. Oh my goodness, if you haven't tried the Volcanic foot mask you simply have not lived! It's just fabulous. Perfect for chaps too.

Luckily for you all I don't have loads of pics to bore you with as frankly we were just lazy bums for a week and didn't nothing especially exciting, we just kicked back and relaxed. We did get to Southwold for some fish and chips and a nice walk on the pier and along the dunes. Southwold is such a lovely place but I have to say that Sheringham and Cromer in Norfolk are still my favorite places (I think Norfolk has better fish & chips too if I'm honest...)

Here I am a 70's dress which actually looks very 50's I think. Demonstrating how not to pose - arms behind back does not work on this occasion!

A seaside tradition, just has to be done. I don't like these plastic trays though, I want to eat my chips out of paper please!

Back to reality now. Holiday over, back to work. I expect the usual post holiday blues to set in so a bit of retail therapy may be in order so I shall be hitting the chaz boutiques to see what I can find. *note to self - DO NOT buy more china.................



  1. Firstly Missy, you look absolutely gorgeous in both pics secondly, I've just had a look at Poppy Valentine...what lovely dresses, there are quite a few that tickle my fancy...thanks for telling us about it.
    I'm also glad you found your shopping and I'll be keeping my eyes open for the Volcanic foot mask next time I'm in Lush too x

  2. Both dresses are winners for me! Esepcically the 2nd one :) Ahh - a battery re-charge sounds like exactly what I need!

  3. Love that second dress on you and hoorah for finding your shopping. x

  4. I love the fifties style dress! Wow you were so lucky with your shopping. I love Poppy Valentine, I still dream of a dress we saw in there the day after the Marvellous Cocktail evening :) Fish n chips at the seaside - you just can't beat it!! xx

  5. Hi lovely, you do indeed look gorgeous in all your dresses, and thank goodness you found your bag! Love the hairslides too, very pretty. Poppy Valentine sounds like my kind of shop - especially when there's free champagne - I don't think you can be blames for subsequent events!

    Your getaway looks blissful, although I'm glad the Co-op was there to come to your rescue - it's not a holiday without wine! Liking the idea of the pampering suitcase...

  6. So glad to hear you found your shopping and had such a lovely break away. For some reason i couldn't see all your photo's ;-( i saw the first one with you in the blue dress and the blue kelly bag hope you are enjoying your brown one to ;-) Have a good week, dee xx

  7. Thank goodness for your clever detective work to find your bag of goodies.
    And the place you stayed in for your holiday looks bloooooomin' amazing! That's my idea of heaven. A retreat in the countryside. I love the norfolk and suffolk countrysides. Delightful xx

  8. Love your dress! Sooooo pretty!!!!! And so relieved your bag is going to turn up!!!

  9. I got my shopping back. I'm so grateful to the person that handed it in!

  10. Great post, I'm enjoying catching up on all your posts.
    And i agree, I think Cromer has the best fish and chips in the world! Closely followed by Sheringham.

  11. Thank you very much for sharing, I love having vacations during holidays.


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