Want to get ahead.....get a hat?

I know we are struggling a bit with summer here in the U.K, so the dilemma of which style of summer hat suits you may not be a huge priority, so generally speaking what kind of hats do you like to wear whatever the weather? Do you never wear a hat?
Louise Brooks

I like the idea of a wide brimmed floppy sun hat HOWEVER, I'm just a smidgen over 5 foot tall which means that for most of the time people are looking down at me or I am looking up at them. So I can't help but think that to onlookers from above I would look like a fungi. Until I look up to see them, at which point I will either need to tip my head back so far to see from under the floppy brim that I will (probably) fall over or I will need to lift the brim up every time I want to make eye contact........I expect after having to do that a few times said brim will be lifted up with terrifying force and my hacked of face will scare my audience away anyway.

Unlike a very happy looking Marilyn Monroe who makes it look easy.

Faye Dunaway looking beyond cool. Floppy hats it seems, never go out of fashion
 I also feel that my lack of height  rules out more structured wide brims hats as worn be Audrey Hepburn. Also I know hat etiquette for ladies is different from the chaps, unlike them, we don't usually have to take out hat off as soon as we walk indoors, but have you ever been to a wedding where someone several rows forward is wearing a huge hat? This means every one behind keeps swaying to look around them and this swaying motion just moves back along the pews like a wave, as everyone has to move position because the person in front has moved theirs? Etiquette I'm sure suggests that it's polite to remove huge head decorations when they impact on others?

Internet sources say Audry was 1.7m /5 ft 7 inches tall
So what do I wear? Well in summer, quite often nothing....remember this is a hat post so I am talking about my head here! Which isn't ideal when walking in the scorching sun. (Rare I know) On the occasions that I do wear a hat, it's a straw trilby which I've had for  few years now. It doesn't always go with what I'm wearing and on a girl they can look boho/festival, not a bad thing but for me, personally it's not a 'vintage' look. Trilby's (not to be confused with fedora's which have a wider brim)  have been a fave by the boys since...forever. There's plenty of images out there where the old boys of Hollywood sported hats to stylish perfection. Frank Sinatra seems to have virtually lived in one. How I wish men still wore hats! (I also wish singers still looked dapper like this. What are these awful parachute/ nappy trousers all about?)

Frank Sinatra, a big fan of the trilby hat.

Humphrey Bogart with a stylish fedora hat. Notice the wider brim. The fedora, like the trilby can be worn straight or at a jaunty angle.

 I do like a berets. Classic, stylish great for lazy girl hair. You can dress them up with brooches, wear them straight, where them tilted. Versatility, that's what I like.

Lana Turner, her expression conveying that beret wearing is a serious business
I also like little pillbox hats, with netting/veil. I've only got this on at the moment, which is an 80's one I picked up for £1! Worn with the right outfit, I'm thinking black 50's style pin up wiggle dress it could look very femm fatale. I've seen a few gorgeous 50's ones but haven't had the pennies to buy them. I also have no occasions planned to wear such a hat...but I shall not let this small detail stop me of course!

No, I'm not naked. Honest.
And on those days where I aspire to look taller perhaps I should be led by Marlene Dietrich?............



  1. I do own quite a few hats, but since cutting my hair short I don't wear them, except for a beret in the winter!

  2. Awww funny ole fungi mushroom - big hat!) I love that idea but I bet you are not really that petite. The hat you purchased is ace. I love hats - the all vintage of course & the collection is growing. Vintage London was good & some prices almost Norfolk acceptable too. The chap olympiad was suuuuperb though. xxxx

  3. I love every hat and pic of hat you've posted...Marilyn looks especially gorgeous in her stripey tee and straw sun hat...remember that great big Faye Dunaway-ish hat worn by one of the characters in Two Weddings and a Funeral? It just popped into my head...

  4. I am with you about hats and men in hats and men in vests and men looking like men and wearing manly clothes yep I am with you there lol.I think it would be nice to bring hats back into fashion for women too without feeling weird wearing one.

  5. Lovely hats! I tend to wear a flat cap or bakeboy, being short they are compact enough. They don't work in very hot weather so I go for the trilby or a 'light' beret (crochet or something), or a scarf wrapped 20s style.

  6. I am just starting my hat collection. And I really do mean that - I have one tan cloche I have been trying to wear as much as possible to get used to a hat sitting on my head, then I hope to buy more hats as I see them.

    Love hats, but terrified I'll leave them somewhere!

  7. Pish pash posh. You are not too short for big floppy hats. I insist you buy one immediately and wear it with huge wedges!

  8. You look gorgeous in all your pics here. I do wear floppy summer hats and had one on today whilst blackberry picking and then round the supermarket. Got to admit I should probably have taken it off for Co-op aisles though.

  9. Ooo I've quite a few hats! slightly addicted. When I got married I had a HUGE cream hat - at bit My Fair Lady ( at the races...). Here's one of my fav 50's ones http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreysart/5464881692/in/set-72157625696709957

  10. I really like hats, but I look completely rubbish in any hat I have ever tried on! Any hat looks weird on me...this does not seem fair at all. Love Marlene Dietrich in her topper.

  11. Great read!
    I love making hats... And adore a special occasion to wear something stunning!

  12. I LOVE the hat in the 'naked picture'. You look amazing!! xx

  13. Brilliant post! I am a HUGE fan of hats- er in fact I have been doing a series of blog posts about them to give them all an outing! I wear them as soon as the sun comes out in summer- usually big floppy ones but also some smaller fedora or boater styles. In the winter, I have a 20's style one, several berets and baker boy hats, a large Russian furry looking one, felt floppies. Can't be without one really!

    You look really lovely in your hat shots above


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