Who stole my ho ho ho?

Am I the only one who can't quite get into the spirit of Christmas?? Right now I should be putting up my tree but instead I am looking at it half hanging out of the box where it has been for at least a week and I have now lost count how many times I have tripped over it or banged my toe in the night. No Christmas lights are as colourful as the language used at 1am this morning when I stumbled in after my work drinks and fell over the tree yet again! I've resisted buying any new baubles this year (including some *gorgeous* vintage green glass ones which I am totally regretting not buying! hmmm.)

I have just about bought all my presents, I have some baking to do over the weekend to give as gifts. Next year I am going to be so much more organised and try to make some budget friendly but fabulous chutneys. I have also promised to make The Boy a Christmas cake, which I have never done before......the challenge for me will be adding the booze to the cake and not the cook.......Hopefully next year I will have mastered the sewing machine and possibly knitting so I can make this.....

Ah Mark Darcy in your stockings...so wrong but so right! So whilst knitting such a fine man might be out of the realms of reality ( an over rated realm anyway - avoid where possible I say!) I would like to knit a geek chic Christmas jumper! Not to every persons taste I know, but I am a little fascinated by the kitschness of them. I have searched the rails looking for one but can't find anything that is quite right or in my budget. I just think.....big Christmas jumper, skinny jeans, brogues, messy hair, vintage satchel bag.... I've got the whole outfit planned in my head! Kookychictastic indeed.

I love glamour but I also love a bit of geek chic. It feels a little like sticking two fingers up to some people from my youth who knocked anyone who didn't fit into their idea of what you should be and how you should dress. Wonderful how trends have completely changed and specs and the whole geek chic look is now uber cool. It's so 'OK' now to just be what ever you want to be or whatever you are.

I could list 50 things I'd like Father Christmas to bring me this year but  I can't guarantee I've behaved well enough to even make it into the same forest as the paper used for the goody list. I'm comforted by the fact that I will probably be in very fine company on the naughty list............

I wonder which list Dita makes it onto?...

 And so back to the tree......might just step over it to make a cuppa first..........

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Kiss me through the window

Well it's Friday. Hooray! Friday's for me are precious, as it's only weekends that I get to see The Boy. Today should have gone a little like this......

Platform kissing. I'm a huge fan.

However I have been struck down by the worst cold ever or perhaps it's flu? Either way, the date we planned tonight is off ! I am more than a little annoyed with my immune system right now. I just feel absolutely terrible. Being ill sucks.

I am officially hot! Sadly this refers to my temperature not my appearance!

I'm hoping to feel a bit better in the morning and hopefully less contagious as I don't want The Boy to catch it. At this rate he will have travelled miles so we can stand either side of the window and kiss through the glass! I'd like to say I am ill but still looking  glam, cute and gorgeous like this.....

Chanel no.5 anyone?

However realistically I know I look much more like this.........

vapour rub anyone?

This evening I am a duvet Caterpillar. I was supposed to be fluttering like a social butterfly right now. The wine has been swapped for orange juice, my after dinner coffees will now be lemsips and my nightcap will be cough syrup!

Two weeks is a loooong time to go without a kiss!

Maybe kissing this way would be safer??........................

Please let me feel better tomorrow!
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The Babycham giggles, cocktails and deer little knickers

 Flashback to Christmas in the early 1980's and this is when I got my first sip of alcohol. I wasn't even five! It's one of my first memories! My Mother used to line up the lagers, light ales, dark ales, bitters, a bottle of Martini and numerous bottles of Babycham on the 1970's wall unit ready for guests who would pop in for a Christmas drink. (Do people still 'pop' into each others houses for Christmas drinks? I seem to just go to the pub instead now?)

These bottles of Babycham just glittered and twinkled like precious gems to me. I loved the colours and the cute little deer. Thinking back, those pretty little bottles would have seemed perfectly child sized to small hands. When I finally got a little sip,i was simply thrilled and so excited I just giggled and giggled, much to the adults amusement!  Such a shame the only pictures I have of all this wonder are in my head, we just weren't a family that took photographs which is such a shame as I'd love to share the vision of it all with you in pictures. So to everyone who has pictures from childhood  - please treasure them!

I have an old beer mat that has some Babycham cocktails which you might want to taste test over the festive season so grab a pen and paper or get you finger poised on the 'print' button.............

Babycham cocktail
Mix a a bottle of Babycham with a tot of brandy : add a drop of Angostura Bitters. ( I've had this with *a lot* rather than a tot of brandy and it was v.v.nice)
Babycham velvet
Pour Babycham into a glass and top with 1/2 a pint of Guinness.

Babycham pimms
Take a bottle of Babycham and a measure of pimms and top up with lemonade
Babycham fizz
Pour a bottle of Babycham into a wine glass and top up with orange juice

I will be attempting to try all of these out over Christmas and report back with my findings. I think this retro drink needs some important research.......

Has anyone tried any of these? Do you have any other combinations we can add to the list?

I would also like to know if anyone has any Babycham Christmas knickers? Yes Knickers. A beer mat from the 1970's gave you the chance to own a pair!

You just had to send the beer mat, along with two  Babycham foil bottle tops and a cheque or postal order for 80p and you would be the proud owner of some new knickers with a little Babycham deer on them! Anybody have these tucked away somehere???
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