Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vintage heels v's National Express

I promise this isn't going to be a moan at the railway network, it is in fact a celebration of all that is good about my fave pair of vintage shoes. A little pair of 80's darlings ( oooo, I know classing the 80's as vintage has been much debated, but I am of the opinion that 80's is definitely vintage not retro, do you agree?) Made by Bally, the quality is unbelievable and they are just ridiculously comfortable.

A little pre loved but not bad for 20 + years old - I work with people younger than these shoes!

Norwich to London should take approx 2 hours. ( Still feels a lot when long distance love is involved!) I jump on the train about as excited as a 3 year old who thinks they have just seen Santa fly across the sky! Within 30 mins it all goes a bit wrong as the train can't grip the rails??? So we come to a stand still. I can hear the guard talking on the phone and attempting to arrange the train which is due along 'soon' to push us to the next station. However driver of train no.2  isn't too keen to do this as 'he has issues' (?!?!)....not sure what that was all about but I think at that moment I had a few of my own!

snakeskin detail with a pewter coloured trim

We get booted off at Ipswich and told to wait for an announcement. Do we need to start preparing for an olympic style sprint to get to another platform?  Hmmmm,  getting hundreds of people onto a train that will already be pretty full is going to be a mission indeed. You can tell who  the veterans of rail travel are. They are looking at us rookies with not an ounce of fear that we will get on the new train before them.....Then the announcement comes, suddenly it all gets a bit like herding cats.... and believe me fur is flying....I was seeing this as a bit of an adventure whilst others saw this as a battle that must not be lost!

Everyone starts running.....confusingly in different directions so which way to go?!! God bless those Bally shoes as I can't think of another pair of heels I own that would allow me to comfortably sprint across a platform up and down steps and then stand for 10 mins on a freezing platform,(whilst still looking fab!) followed by another HOUR standing on the train and my feet still feel like they are wearing ballet pumps! An hour an a half late but I finally arrived! Hoorah!

 I then had  another hour or so standing in a bar ( vino may have helped here) then  walking for a cab and then  walking from cab to the final destination!! My feet still felt fabulous. I am a cowboy boots kinda gal, I love my heels but normally they just don't fit with my lifestyle. A huge thank you to Bally, I promise I raised a glass to toast those shoes in that bar!

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