Reading: Style Tribes

I've spent a lot of time over the last few years looking at people with different ways of dressing and their influences. It's quite clear the digital age has changed the way we find and view our fashion imagery and so the groups of friends who might once gather to come together share common ground in style, music and interests has evolved. Being part of a 'tribe' no longer relies on physically knowing those people, you can be part a style culture with people all over the world and importantly you can be your very own style tribe and follow no crowd. 

There's an abundance of books which look at subcultures, their beginnings, their social impact and how the styles bleeds in to another style group being born, so when I was offered the chance to take a look at a book which wasn't dedicated to just one or even just a couple of style tribe looks, I was interested to have a browse. 

The cover itself feels very different to the more historical subculture books I've been reading lately. Not that I'll ever tire of flicking through imagery of mods, punks and rockers (and there's some great ones in this book) but because it feels young and fresh and with this I hope that it might have extra appeal to the younger folk (I sound so old..) and they too can explore the mods and the punks and all that's gone before. 

That said, as a teen of the nineties, any book that opens with the words of Shirley Manson is probably going to get my attention. 

So what 'Style Tribes' are covered in the book? Well it's a pretty long list and each is crammed with photographs. ALL kinds of AMAZING photographs. 

So there's... flappers, harlem renaissance, the zoo suit, swing kid , beatniks, teddy boy (with a mention of ted girls too) greaser and rocker, mod, surfer, hippie, rudely, skinhead, hip hop, northern soul, disco, punk, new romantic,goth, acid house, goa trance, grunge, riot grill, brit pop, ego, neo-rockabilly, hipster, steampunk, harajuku style, sapeur & Kogal. 

Yes some new ones there for me too. There's enough detail on each to accompany the imagery well and each chapter is also a good kick start if you want to go off and look more in to each style tribe form other sources. 

The book nicely references back through the various subcultures to join the dots and point out the links of how one tribe is so very often taking its influence from another that's gone before. The New Romantic section was one of my favourites and is written in a way that made wish I could have experienced 1978 Soho. 

This is definitely a book you can either dip in and out of or read cover to cover. Regardless of whether you subscribe to a style tribe in the book or of any variety at all, this is a good look at fashion as part of social history so well worth a read. 

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The fabulously Fabulous Miss K Part One

Karen aka stylist, vintage seller, writer and blogger Fabulous Miss K is no stranger to my camera and we've worked on many project s and photoshoots together over the last few years. Karen also works on the Vintage Show at Norwich Fashion Week with me and this lady is a queen to have backstage. Rails and rails of clothes and numerous outfit changes do not phase this lady one little bit. 

Karen's own personal wardrobe is pretty extensive and so every now and again we get together have at least three cups of coffee and do a mini portrait session. 

This particular visit I was interested in not just Karen's clothes but how she feels music influences her style.

shirt & skirt - vintage
shoes & socks - Topshop

Karen has worked in the fashion/style industry her whole life. The history of her own wardrobe has included many styles from head to toe era specific to a more eclectic mix. Her look continues to evolve as she takes inspiration from the latest runway collections and explores how to recreate these outfits mainly using vintage pieces. 

Other inspirations include music, with a love for swing and fond memories of the music from the seventies and early eighties. Karen chatted to me about how the end of the Punk era and the start of the New Romantics was an interesting time for her as she followed what the stars were wearing and how they were wearing it.

There's some more street style images from this shoot and we also did a vlog too, so those will be in part two of this post next week. Karen will no doubt be writing this shoot up too so you can follow her over on http://www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/  twitter, facebook & instagram
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I'm still here...

I've had to step back from the blog for a bit. I've been lucky enough to have three amazing weeks off in the lake district over the summer and I've been frantically working on various things such as Norwich Fashion Week and my degree. I've just hit the third year and final year of my degree and so it really is time to get my head down and push through the next few months. Remarkably the finish line is in sight yet only feels like a few months since the race began. Time goes worryingly fast. 

But despite stepping back I've been doing lots of blogger related things and so the list of things to write up and catch up on is quite immense. However I've decided that at the end of the year I will have a think, a serious think about whether to continue blogging in this format or even at all. It's a cliche but as they say all good things come to and end and so over Christmas I'll sit down and think about what I want and need 2017 to be and what projects need to have more of my attention. This also means deciding what (if any) projects it's time to have a break from. But in the mean time over the next few months I'll write about this and that and share some news and images. 

So for now here's a few of images I shot at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. I was working for The Glass Pineapple and if you love fashion and style then head over to their website where you can read the show reports and interviews with designers. 

Apu Jan show

Ones to Watch show 

You can see more images from the shows over on my IG account and on my website

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Norwich Fashion Week 2017

9-17th March 2017

Photography: Kerry Curl

The dates have been set for Norwich Fashion Week 2017. I'm really excited and plans are well underway for the week. We'll be announcing show news and updates soon but the dates to save are 9-17th March. Vintage Show plans are also underway so keep an eye out for details on that. 

Photography Paul Bayfield

The 2016 Vintage Show sponsored by Zaks Diners was an absolute blast to work on so I can wait to get the 2017 plans off paper and in to action! 

You can keep up to date with the Norwich Fashion Week news on the NFW website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

In the mean time if you head over to the NFW FB page you can see a lots of images from the 2016 show here

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St Giles House Hotel Norwich

Earlier this year our boiler broke (again) and it was a crazy week anyway as it was Norwich Fashion Week which is a workout in itself but amongst the madness I had to go and have a daily workout so I could use the showers at the gym. Every cloud I guess...

Once Fashion Week had ended and the boiler still wasn't fixed all I really wanted was a long soak in the bath with book. I was craving a wallow so much and the house was cold too so I decided to treat myself to a night in a hotel. Hot water and warmth, what bliss.

It was also very near to my birthday which also helped me justify it to myself...and as I was home alone this was a hotel booking for one which made it feel like a lavish gift to myself. But within a budget obviously, so I popped on to booking.com in the hope of finding something nice but not expensive...

Up popped St.Giles House Hotel which is right in the heart of the city centre. I've been to this hotel before and knew it was lovely so I was sure a night here would be just the thing I needed and it was indeed. I had such an  extra amazing stay, the room was beautiful and I spent hours in the bath. I took a bottle of fizz with me and had a pamper sesh for one. I left the next day feeling like I was walking on air. So relaxed and refreshed.

The bathroom in my King Room from my March visit. Heavenly.

So when I wanted to surprise my husband on his birthday I booked us in to the hotel for the night as he'd never stayed there himself. The rooms with more decadent and interesting features such as the roll top baths and old furniture are based in the old side of the building.

 My tip is that if you want to stay in this type of room then do ask for a room in the old side (at the time of booking) as the newer side is very different and much more modern. I didn't know this until this visit.

The second time around we were put in what I now know is the newer side, which was perfectly nice but not quite as glorious as the last room I stayed in. When we checked in the receptionist had said that there were two rooms we could choose from, one with and one without air con - so as this was a hot August day I chose the air con. This led to a room in the newer side.

After realising the two sides of the hotel were quite different  I quickly popped back down to the reception to see if there was any chance the other room was still free and could we change. I felt a bit cheeky but the receptionist when we checked in was so unbelievably nice I felt sure that even if the answer was no she would still be lovely about it.

Different receptionist, same fabulousness. Within minutes I was being guided around different rooms with a choice of where we'd like to stay. I think we got lucky because it was a Sunday which might not be it's busiest night of the week, but I was super grateful and the room we ended up in was just incredible.

Packing to leave after breakfast. Sad Face.

You don't have to travel to different counties and countries for a mini break. Even a night away in your own city, town etc can still be a change of scenery. If you are in Norwich or plan to visit then I'd completely recommend this hotel. Can't wait for another excuse to stay here, hopefully I'll get to try out their spa next time. The cocktails here are pretty yum too!

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Essential Reads: Porter Magazine

It's probably a bit weird to feel a bit smitten with a magazine, but I do. I've mentioned Porter before and it's really thanks to magazine.co.uk that I actually ended up reading it cover to cover having interestingly browsed the odd page here and there in hair salons. It's a big glossy mag and at £5 it's a bit of a treat/luxury too and you know what it's like when you treat yourself to a mag and it's just a let down so I think that's why when purchasing a mag in the shop I'd previously stick to my old glossies which I was familiar with and Porter stayed as a mag I must try out one day. 

But having tried and tested out Porter through the subscription service gifted to me by magazine.co.uk I will 100% be renewing it myself when it comes to it. It probably is worth the £5 cover price but a subscription knocks that down considerably (currently 6 issues for £21!)  making it much more budget friendly - which is always going to be a plus isn't it! 

The interviews always seem to be so well written and interesting too, often quite long and several pages allowing you to feel like you're actually finding out things about the person. They seem to get across the person not just the brand that person is. 

The fashion is obviously a big pull for me of course. The Fall issue has landed and already my head is swimming with inspiration. I've taken a lot of time off this summer . I needed to work on my house which we've been living in a year and there's still rooms unfinished, changes in progress, workmen to co-ordinate,

 I've been doing lots of research for the dissertation that I am preparing for and part of that involves spending hours, days and weeks looking through magazines, thinking about theories and seeking inspiration for my own work. 

This means I've been ploughing through A LOT of magazine material and whilst Vogue is still a front runner for me, Porter is easily up there with it. The Fall issue has also got me thinking how I can style clothes and do some  DIY fashion, both my own and in photoshoots.  How can I make the  most of using what I have, to try and create interesting outfits? 

All of these images are from The Fall edition of Porter and all are giving me a kick to get creative and stretch my summer clothes through to the cooler months by layering along with other ideas such as changing laces and adding ribbons to shoes and boots, mixing and matching textures - how stunning do these floaty dresses look teamed with jumpers? 

I'll also be in the lookout for some chiffon and lace tops whilst I'm browsing the charity shops. I'm trying REALLY hard not to buy much /over buy at the moment but I think if I can stay focused on what I'm looking for and not get too distracted I might be okay...

If you're thinking about subscribing to a magazine you might be interested in seeing what others are enjoying so head over to the magazine.co.uk hub area where you can read posts on all sorts of magazines which cover all sorts of areas of interest such as fashion, food, lifestyle and fitness. 

If you're convinced you need to sign up to Porter then you can find more subscription details here 
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The Return of The Blowdry

I was recently invited to pop along to a new salon in Norwich called The Edge for a blowdry and peek around the salon before it's big launch. The salon itself is only a couple of minutes walk from Norwich train station and has views of Norwich Cathedral. It's all very fresh and new and the Union Building which houses the salon is currently undergoing some interesting changes as it will not only house various businesses and offices it will also have a rooftop dining area.  

Now to me it feels like there's been a bit of a revival for going to the salon for a blowdry as a stand alone service. A blowdry almost always follows a cut and/or colour of course but more and more salons seem to be emphasising their blowdry services as a treat or a mini service in between hair cuts appointments.  

Blowdrys and sets used to be a beauty/maintenance staple for a lot of women in the past and for the older generation a regular visit to the salon for these services is still popular. With hair salons making the most of social media to share their clients looks I'm noticing not just before and after hair makeover transformations but blowdry results too.  So it appears an in salon blowdry is becoming a popular service across the generations and following my experience at The Edge I'm feeling pretty sold on the idea too. 

I left the salon feeling pampered and like my hair had had a mini makeover despite no scissors or bleach going near it. It felt healthy and silky (which aren't two words I can often say about my bleached locks) and it smelt AMAZING which was thanks to the Wella products. I even woke up the next morning an noticed how glorious my pillow smelt.

With the cost of a blow dry at the salon ranging between £10-£20 dependant on stylist it might be a purse friendly way to have some 'me' time or a pick me up and I'm sure that I'll start having the odd blowdry here and there in between services from now on. 

I'm back at The Edge next month to have my nails done by Sketch Nail Designs and gosh do my nails need some love and attention at the moment. Can't wait.

Thanks to Amber and The Edge team for the invite. 

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